Southwest Airlines Now Allows Devices To Remain On

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Southwest Airlines announced today that they received FAA approval to allow all personal electronic devices to remain on from gate to gate.  Several other airlines have previously announced their approval earlier this month.  Everything will still have to remain in “airplane mode” however.

This means that iPods, iPads, cell phones, Kindles, laptops, netbooks, and everything else you can think of will no longer have to be turned off during takeoff and landing.

What makes this announcement even better

… Southwest is the first (and only as of yet) airline to offer gate-to-gate Wifi on their planes!

DISH Network is still offering free live TV on Southwest flights equipped with Wifi.  While I was watching the Monday Night Football game a couple of days ago, I missed the end of the game because the Wifi stopped working as we descended below 10,000 feet.  That won’t happen any more!!!

Click here for Southwest’s announcement on electronic devices and Wifi staying on from gate-to-gate.


Southwest may have been a little late to the game compared to the other major carriers, but Southwest has trumped them all by not only allowing personal electronic devices to stay on, but also allowing Wifi connectivity to stay on as well, from gate to gate.  Just one more reason why Southwest is my favorite airline!


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