Join Me at REWBCON 2023 Phoenix: Real Estate Wealth Builders

Real estate home for sale by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash
Real estate home for sale. Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash.
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Real estate investing is one of the strategies I’ve used to build passive income and maximize credit card rewards. The Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference helps beginner and experienced real estate investors learn and network to build their businesses and boost their incomes. I’m excited to be a part of REWBCON 2023 Phoenix as a speaker and attendee. It’s an amazing opportunity to network with others, learn how to improve my rentals, and share tips to help others maximize their credit card rewards.

What is REWBCON 2023?

REWBCON 2023 in Phoenix is this year’s edition of the Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference. It is an annual conference where real estate investors gather to discuss the latest trends and strategies of the real estate world. No matter what type of real estate investor you are – beginner vs. experienced, flips vs. rentals, homes vs. commercial – there are sessions made just for you.

I’ve been investing in single-family rentals since 2006, and we’ve done a couple of flips. My business isn’t always as profitable as I’d like. So, I’m looking forward to learning from more experienced investors on how to boost my business. Plus, it will be interesting to learn about other aspects of real estate investing for my writing and personal investing.

There are no sales pitches or high-pressure tactics. Instead, it is a community event with actual real estate investors instead of self-declared “gurus” trying to make money off selling you courses and coaching packages.

This year’s theme of “Stronger Together” builds off of last year’s focus of “Gather Together.” It highlights the fact that the most successful real estate investors develop strong teams. Sharing best practices grows our businesses, increases profitability, and improves local communities.

When is Real Estate Wealth Builders 2023?

This year’s Real Estate Wealth Builders conference is May 4th through 6th, 2023.

Wednesday, May 4th

The conference begins on Wednesday, May 4th. Registration starts at 7 am, and the first session is at 10 am. Breakout sessions and networking go from 10 am to 5 pm. The day ends with a VIP Mixer at 6:30 pm.

Thursday, May 5th

On the second day of REWBCON 2023, sessions begin at 7 am and run through 5:30 pm. There’s also a VIP Lunch at 12 noon. The evening is free, so make dinner plans with people you’ve met at the conference.

Friday, May 6th

The last day of the conference features more keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. It starts off at 7 am and ends at 5:30 pm. To close out REWBCON 2023 Phoenix, there’s a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta from 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

Arrive early or stay late

There’s so much to see and do in Phoenix, Arizona. Dustin Heiner, one of the conference’s founders, was on my podcast in 2021 to share the best things to do in Phoenix. Listen to his interview for fun things to do before or after the conference.

Where is the REWBCON 2023 real estate investing conference held?

REBWCON 2023 is held at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, located at 340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The conference offers discounted rooms starting at $204 + taxes per night through its conference block.

The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown is located in Downtown Phoenix, so there are many other hotel brands nearby. I’m working on renewing my Hyatt Globalist status, so I’m staying there instead.

How much are tickets to REWBCON 2023?

Registration for REWBCON 2023 in Phoenix is still open. Tickets start at $669, and there are three different ticket packages available. However, prices go up at midnight on April 14th, 2023, so buy your tickets now.

You can also save 10% off your ticket by using the promo code “LEE” at checkout.

REWBCON 2023 Phoenix ticket prices
Three different ticket packages are available.

Who will be presenting at REWBCON 2023?

More than 40+ real estate investors are speaking at REWBCON 2023 in Phoenix. Presenters offer a wide variety of experience, backgrounds, and specialties that will benefit any type of real estate investor.

A sampling of the speakers includes:

And, of course, Dustin Heiner and Tom Sylvester, the founders of REWBCON, will be speaking and hosting the event. Dustin has been on my podcast to share the best things to do in Fresno CA and Phoenix AZ. And I’m working with Tom to schedule an interview about Rochester NY.

REWBCON 2023 Phoenix - Speaker Socials - Facebook Lee Huffman
Save 10% off your REWBCON 2023 ticket by using the promo code “LEE”

My presentation at REWBCON Phoenix

During my presentation at REWBCON 2023, I’ll share how I’ve used real estate investing to maximize credit card rewards. Real estate investors spend a lot of money rehabbing properties and managing their rentals. This is a great opportunity to meet minimum spend requirements and capitalize on category bonuses to earn cash back, miles, and points. Plus, credit card 0% intro APR offers help real estate investors free up cash flow while waiting to refinance rentals or sell a flip.

I participate in numerous conferences throughout the year to encourage people to earn and redeem miles & points from everyday activities. I also speak about how freelance writing has changed my life and allowed me to spend more time with family. This freedom enables my family to travel the world and make incredible memories together using miles and points.

The Bald Thoughts about REWBCON 2023

I’m so excited to see my friends and meet other real estate investors at REWBCON 2023 in Phoenix. I’ve been investing in real estate for more than 15 years, but there’s still so much more I can learn. This conference is great because it’s run by actual real estate investors instead of “wannabe gurus” trying to sell you their course or coaching programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing, join me at REWBCON Phoenix from May 4th through 6th. Tickets are still on sale, but prices go up at midnight on April 14th. Use the promo code “LEE” to save 10% off your tickets.


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