Pilot Lands Plane Blind After Hail Storm, Cops Kick Out Guest From Lobby, Should Airplane WiFi Be Free?

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The Morning Shave

Portland Hotel Calls Cops On Black Guest For “Loitering”. – Haven’t we moved past all of this kind of nonsense yet? I understand the need to confirm whether or not somebody sitting in the lobby is a guest or not. But you don’t need to preemptively call the cops and certainly don’t need to kick a guest out of the hotel because of your mistake. How will the hotel management (and Hilton) respond to this situation?

Hero Pilot Lands Plane ‘Blind’ After Freak Hailstorm Wrecked the Cockpit. – Don’t underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Hail is no joke. I’m simply in awe of how this pilot was able to land with the windshield looking like this. Imagine if it caved in on him and the cabin lost pressure?

Should airline offer free wi-fi on domestic flights? – Everything comes with a cost. The “free” wi-fi will have to be paid for somehow. Whether it means squeezing an extra row of seats, rising ticket prices, or reducing service/amenities, the money will have to come from somewhere. I love having internet access wherever I go, but I can do without it for a few hours while I’m in the air. The absence of the internet gives me a chance to relax and catch up on my reading.

Tempted to Travel Hack? Here’s What You Should Know First. – Travel hacking isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There is a lot to know before jumping into “the game.” For starters, finding award space can be difficult and may cost more than you think.

This couple quit their jobs to open a floating pizzeria in the Caribbean. – Talk about a dream! This would be amazing. Warm Caribbean water. Fresh-baked pizza. All I need is a few beers to go with it for a perfect day.

Transfer Pizza Scarlett & Daddy
Pizza in Milwaukee in January isn’t quite the same as in the Caribbean.

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