JetSuiteX flights to CES in Las Vegas

JetSuiteX Concord arrived in style
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The Consumer Electronics Show that happens each January in Las Vegas is THE show to attend for the latest in consumer electronics, such as toys, televisions, phones, and everything else you can think of.  If you’re going to the show with the latest technology, why would you fly in a basic Economy airplane?  Fly in style with JetSuiteX flights to CES and skip the hassles of TSA and the big airlines and get spoiled flying a semi-private E-135 jet into a private airport terminal?

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What is the Consumer Electronics Show?

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event that is being held January 8-12, 2018 (Monday thru Friday) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  More than 180,000 industry professionals will attend the 5-day event that has over 4,000 exhibiting companies across 2.6 million square feet of conference space.

The 2018 CES schedule is available if you’re planning to attend.  And, of course, there’s an app for CES to make your life easier and allow you to have one less piece of paper to carry around.

Tickets are available now for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.  Prices range from $300 for an Exhibits Pass to $1700 for the Deluxe Conference Pass.  If you had registered earlier in the year, the Exhibits Pass could have been bought for about $100.  Something to keep in mind for the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

You can save 25% on your CES tickets if you’re a member of the Consumer Technology Association.  Sometimes it makes sense to register just for the savings, so do the research to see if it is worth it for you.

JetSuiteX flights to CES

Why fly JetSuiteX flights to CES?

When you fly a normal airline, you have to deal with TSA security, crowds at the airport, and the cramped flying conditions of today’s major airlines.

This is not the case with JetSuiteX.

With JetSuiteX flights to CES, you’ll be flying into and out of private airport terminals at Burbank and Las Vegas.  You’ll avoid security lines at TSA.  And you’ll be spoiled by flying in a 30-person semi-private E-135 jet.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

And, best of all, you can save $20 off your JetSuiteX flights to CES by using my referral link to book your flight.

There is a special JetSuiteX flight to CES from San Jose on Monday, January 8, with a return on Friday, January 12, for tech mavens heading to see this year’s new products.

And, if you’re flying from LA?  The regular Burbank-to-Vegas service will also get you there with no lines, no hassles and no airport stress.

JetSuiteX flights to Sundance Film Festival. JetSuiteX Burbank check-in kiosk
This is what your TSA line will look like.

The Bald Thoughts

I used to attend CES about 10 years ago (before kids), and it was a blast attending all of the parties and experiencing the new technology.  With these new JetSuiteX flights to CES, I’m really tempted to go again in 2018.  After being spoiled on several flights on JetSuiteX to the Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Mammoth, I fly JetSuiteX whenever I can.  If you’re heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, consider flying JetSuiteX.  You can thank me later.

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