7 Amazing Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers

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Ok, if you’re like me, there’s someone that you totally forgot to shop for.  The malls are crowded.  It’s too late for Amazon Prime to deliver.  And a gift card just screams “I bought you this on the way over to see you.”  What can you do?  Here are amazing Last Minute Christmas gifts for travelers that they’ll love.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers. santa-claus-1628845_1920
Santa isn’t the only one who is good at giving gifts!

Amazing Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers

With these amazing last minutes Christmas gifts for travelers, you’ll be able to buy and print right away, so they won’t know if you bought them today… or a month ago.  Pretty cool, huh?

Yet, even those they are last-minute Christmas gifts, they won’t be lame like an ugly tie, a random gift card, or a bottle of two-buck Chuck.

And, best of all, you won’t need to brave the craziness of the mall on the final shopping day of the year.

1. Skip the lines at the airport

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to use CLEAR and TSA PreCheck to skip the security lines at the airport.  And what better last-minute Christmas gift for travelers is there than the gift of time?

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers. CLEAR sign up inside Delta Lounge

Once you buy a CLEAR membership (use my link to get a 2-month trial for free with promo code “2MONTHS”), you simply show up to the airport to complete the sign-up process by verifying ID, scanning your fingerprints, and taking a picture.  The whole process takes just a couple of minutes.

2. Lounge access at the airport

Give your traveler the gift of luxury while they’re waiting at the airport.  Instead of waiting for their flight in the terminal, lounge access at the airport is an affordable luxury that provides free wifi, comfortable seating, and complimentary food & beverages.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers. Delta Sky Lounge seating
Unwind in a comfy and spacious seat

With Priority Pass, we’ve secured an exclusive 10% introductory discount on annual memberships that provide access to over 1000 airport lounges across the globe.

You can also purchase single day passes to specific airline lounges for as little as $15 a day on sites like eBay or directly from the airlines for about $50-60 a day.  Or consider buying a day pass from LoungeBuddy using my referral code “J9ejAa2XGg” and we’ll both receive a $10 code.

3. Easily find the perfect flight or available award space

When you travel using airline miles, it can be tricky finding available award space to redeem for the flights you want.  With ExpertFlyer, the process becomes so much quicker and easier to find award space or position for potential upgrades.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers. ExpertFlyer Seat Alert

An ExpertFlyer.com Gift Certificate is the perfect last minute Christmas gift for travelers because they can easily find flight availability, flight upgrades & awards, frequent flyer information, and so much more.

4. Tickets to their favorite event

Whether your favorite traveler is a fan of sports, concerts, or plays, you can easily find a ticket that will suit their interests.  When finding the perfect last minute Christmas gifts for travelers, you’re not limited to finding an event where they live.

What better way to enjoy their favorite event than to have an excuse to travel to a different city to attend it, right?  Seriously.  People that love to travel look for any excuse to book a trip… and the tickets may be the perfect reason to visit a city that they haven’t been to in awhile (or ever).

Here are some results for Los Angeles.  Use our link and promo code “TLWINTER” to save $10 on orders of $350 or more.

5. Dinner or Activities for an Upcoming Trip

Ok, I’m totally guilty of this.  When I have trips planned, I can’t stop talking about the destination.  Instead of rolling your eyes because we won’t shut up about it, take note.  We’re giving you clues for gift ideas!

Say a friend has been talking non-stop about their upcoming trip to Chicago.  This means you can buy them a Groupon, LivingSocial, or Restaurant.com gift certificate to try out a new restaurant or activity in that city.

For example, I found a couple of certificates that would make excellent last-minute Christmas gifts for travelers going to Chicago:

6. Travel insurance for when things go sideways

Even the most adept traveler can encounter something that makes their travel plans go splat.  It could be something out of their control like an airline canceling their flight.  Or they could get into an accident while snowboarding down their dream mountain.  And everything in between.

While on vacation, I’ve been stranded inside ATL airport overnight, broken an ankle snowboarding, and even split my head open doing backflips into a pool.  In every situation, having travel insurance would have provided much-needed support and would have made the experience better.

And the last thing you want to do visit a foreign hospital without having an insurance policy that will protect you from a medical system that you know nothing about.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Travelers. ambulance fire-department-1256591_1920
You don’t want to see the inside of one of these while on vacation.

I recently bought an annual travel insurance policy from Allianz to protect me and my family during our travels.  The coverage is quite extensive and protects us from just about any imaginable scenario.

With an Allianz travel insurance policy, your favorite traveler can travel the world knowing they’ll be taken care of. Affordable plans as low as $17 can fit into everyone’s budget.  Allianz is very flexible with their policies, covering a single trip or offering an entire year’s worth of coverage.

7. Sunglasses for your beach vacation

When it is cold outside at Christmas, it is time to escape to someplace warm. And when you hit the beach, make sure that you’re protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses will have you looking good without breaking the bank. They offer styles from all of the top brands at affordable prices. When saving so much money, you can buy a pair for yourself while shopping for your friends and family.

Honorable mentions

Ok, so gift cards can be worthwhile last-minute Christmas gifts for travelers as well.  Here are a few honorable mentions that you could consider to help them reduce their travel expenses and give them a better travel experience:

Also, consider buying gift cards directly from hotel and airline brands that you know they use.  If you have a credit card that provides an annual travel credit, you might be able to purchase a gift card from the airline or hotel and have that count towards your travel credit.

The Bald Thoughts

Just because it is December 24th, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your favorite traveler an excellent Christmas gift.  These last-minute Christmas gifts for travelers can be bought and delivered today.  And, you don’t even need to change out of your jammies or brave the mall to be a Christmas hero!

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