JetSuiteX Fare Sale: As low as $59 each way!

JetSuiteX Concord arrived in style
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Some people like to splurge on Starbucks, I like to splurge on cool experiences. JetSuiteX is my favorite way to fly on the West Coast. Travelers can fly between seven different cities in a semi-private 30-person jet for about the same cost as an Economy ticket without the normal airport hassle. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time with the JetSuiteX fare sale. For three days only, you can book flights for as little as $59 each way.

JetSuiteX Burbank to Mammoth Timmy
Let’s go to Mammoth!

What is JetSuiteX?

JetSuiteX is a private airline that operates 30-person jets between seven destinations. The airline operates out of private airport terminals so you don’t have to deal with the normal TSA security checkpoints or sit in uncomfortable terminals.

JetSuiteX Concord building interior

They also have a partnership with JetBlue where you can earn TrueBlue points for your JetSuiteX flights. Truthfully, you won’t earn that many JetBlue points, but at least you are earning something since JetSuiteX does not have their own loyalty program.

How to pay for your JetSuiteX flights

JetSuiteX is a small, but growing brand. They don’t yet have a co-branded credit card to earn additional rewards.

I recommend booking with one of these credit cards to maximize your flight:

  • Barclays Arrival – use points to offset your travel purchases
  • Capital One Venture – use miles to erase the cost of your flight
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – earn 3x points on travel purchases which are worth up to 4.5 cents on future travel bookings
  • Citi Prestige – earn 5x points on flights

For the latest credit card offers, visit our credit card marketplace.

JetSuiteX Burbank i can get used to this
I can definitely get used to this.

The 3-day JetSuiteX Fare Sale

For a limited time, you can book flights on JetSuiteX for as little as $59 each way. The most expensive fare sale flights are a few bucks more at $89 each way.

Where can I fly on this fare sale?

There are five city pairs that you can book at these discounted prices:

  • Concord-Burbank: starting at $59 each way
  • Burbank-Las Vegas: starting at $79 each way
  • Burbank-Oakland: starting at $79 each way
  • Oakland-Las Vegas: starting at $69 each way
  • Oakland-Seattle: starting at $89 each way

Although the Oakland-Seattle flight is the most expensive, it also provides the longest JetSuiteX experience. While most JetSuiteX flights are about one hour in length, flights between Oakland and Seattle are two hours. So, even though you are paying a little extra, you get way more time to soak up the semi-private jet service and experience.

When do you have to book flights by?

Flights must be booked by Thursday, July 18, 2019, if you want to take advantage of these amazing rates. Normal flights can easily be double these JetSuiteX fare sale prices. Click here to use my referral link.

When can you travel?

These JetSuiteX fare sale flights are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. They are valid for travel between August 6, 2019, and September 30, 2019. You must purchase your tickets at least seven days in advance of travel.

Image courtesy of JetSuiteX

The JetSuiteX Fare Sale Fine Print

One-way prices. Valid for travel 8/6-9/30, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays only. 7-day advanced purchase required. Some markets limited. Subject to capacity controls. Fares are non-refundable and subject to change fees. Any change in itinerary may result in an increase in fare. Not valid on prior purchases.

JetSuiteX reserves the right to make changes, corrections, cancellations and/or improvements to the information provided in this promotion, and to the products and programs described in this promotion at any time without notice.

The Bald Thoughts

When I lived in California, I looked for any excuse to fly JetSuiteX. They offer semi-private flights for about the same price as an economy ticket. With this JetSuiteX fare sale, you can fly between five city pairs for as little as $59 each way.

Book your ticket now to experience the difference!

Have you tried JetSuiteX yet? Do you like it more or less than the traditional flying experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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