How to save money when you’re sick

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I travel a lot and one of the things can really ruin a vacation is getting sick. Obviously, getting sick can make you miserable during the vacation. Did you know that flying while sick can be dangerous? I’ve read stories about people who busted their eardrums from the additional pressure when flying.

And taking additional days off for being sick right after a vacation will not sit well with your boss. Even if it is true, your boss probably won’t believe you.

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How to avoid getting sick

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting sick in the first place.

Flu shot

The flu shot doesn’t cover every flu strain, but it gives you a good chance of avoiding major illness.  Some workplaces will offer the flu shot for free since it is in their best interest to keep workers feeling healthy.

Pharmacies now offer the flu shot and many offer it for free when you provide your insurance information.  You can receive a $5 Target coupon with a no-cost flu shot at CVS.

The doctor’s office is more of a traditional option for getting the flu shot.

Practice Healthy Habits

When you practice healthy habits like eating balanced meals, washing your hands regularly, and getting enough sleep, you can increase your chances of avoiding the flu.

My favorite healthy habit is to drink plenty of water.  This helps flush out the yuckies.

Work out

When you work out, you may get sick more often since you are exposed to germs from other gym members and touch equipment that others have touched.  However, colds are generally less severe and don’t last as long when you work out.

Save money when you’re sick

Getting sick can make you feel horrible.  I was miserable and in bed for days battling bronchitis and the flu.  I’m just lucky that Anna and the kids didn’t catch what I had.

While I was battling bronchitis and the flu, I used these ways to save money while being sick.

Home remedies

Some of the best ways to treat the flu or a cold are home remedies.  Here are some of the best home remedies when you have a cold.

  • Chicken soup
  • Steam
  • Hot tea with lemon
  • Humidifier
  • Boost your immune system with EmergenC or other sources of Vitamin C

Over the counter drugs

Not all illnesses need a prescription from a doctor to get better.  Many times, over-the-counter drugs will be the perfect solution.  Viruses need to run their course and most medicines only mask the symptoms.  Bacterial infections often need antibiotics to cure the illness.

  • Talk to the pharmacist
  • Join rewards program for coupons
  • Coupons in Sunday paper
  • Use apps like Ibotta to save even more

ER vs. Urgent Care vs. Doctor vs. walk-in clinics

Price points vary, so check all of your options.  Most of the time, walk-in clinics and urgent care are going to be lower-cost options than the Emergency Room.

Buy generics

Some prescriptions are as little as $4 when you buy generics.  If it’s an ongoing prescription, mail orders offering 90-day supplies also offer significant savings.

Get a $5 Target coupon when filling your prescriptions at CVS

Take the full prescription

You may feel better, but the medicine is still working.  You don’t want a relapse, because that will just cost even more for additional Dr visits and prescriptions

Don’t go to work

Nobody needs you to be the hero.  If you push too hard, it will take longer to get better… and you could get worse

The Bald Thoughts

Alright, everyone. I hope you feel better soon. I’m going back to bed so I can recover from this cold.

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  1. Buy your OTC products at Costco for HUGE savings. Plus, eve non-members can fill prescriptions at Costco, where prices are often (not always) WAY lower than anywhere else.

    Finally, use GoodRx discount codes to save even more on prescriptions. There is nothing to join or any fee to use GoodRx. just pull the codes up right on your phone and show them to your pharmacist!

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t know that you could fill prescriptions at Costco even if you’re not a member. I’m going to look into GoodRx. I don’t get prescriptions too often, but when I do it would be nice to save a few extra bucks.


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