The Best Hotel Beds For Awesome Sleep – Which is Your Favorite?

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Trying to find the best hotel beds is such a mystery. It seems that whoever buys hotel beds is either 1) a masochist enjoying your pain or 2) a genie granting your bed wishes.  And there is very little in between.

We all have had some sort of bed snafu or awesome experience when staying at a hotel. From the disgusting or uncomfortable to heavenly, we all have a story to tell. Recently having stayed at a number of SPG properties, I have discovered they are all extremely firm. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer to sleep on as close to a cloud as possible.

Having thought further, I decided to do a bit of research into the science of sleeping, see which beds are available for sale, and provide some tips on how to maximize that 8 hours of recharging!

best hotel beds W Atlanta Midtown Hotel Wonderful King room

W Atlanta Midtown Hotel Wonderful King room. Photo courtesy of


The science behind “New Bed Syndrome”

We all have our sleeping rituals. Whether it be leaving the TV on, having 46 pillows surrounding us, or wrapping ourselves like a hefty Chipotle burrito in multiple blankets, we all love our beds. When entering the unchartered territory of a new bed, our animal instincts kick in, and we are subconsciously in survival mode, thus resulting in a not so great 8 hours of sleep. Whether in be noises, smells, or lighting in the room, our brains are in defense mode and cannot relax.

Here is a bit more info into that… The science behind why we find it hard to sleep in a strange bed.

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The Best Hotel Beds

Some hotel chains have a reputation for having the best hotel beds.  And many travelers base their brand loyalty on which chain has the best hotel beds for their sleeping preferences.  If you want to bring the hotel environment into your home, most hotel chains offer the ability to buy their beds direct… and you can often find them on sale!

best hotel beds 25 percent off Kimpton Style

Kimpton recently offered 25% off beds & accessories


Tips and Tricks for a Better Snooze

Getting a good night of sleep is not just about finding the best hotel beds. While we are sleeping, our bodies are still processing the day’s activities and everything going on around us. Sounds and smells heavily affect our sleeping patterns, so here are some tips to assist…

  • If you are sensitive to noise, make sure you are away from any vending/ice machines/constructions/traffic. If you speak with the front desk, more times than not they are willing to accommodate you with a room away from the elevator. Also, do not hesitate to REPORT NOISE. Your sleep is valuable and the hotel should be willing to assist.
  • For light sensitivity, ask for blackout shades! Many times shades in hotels only block out so much light. If they are not able to accommodate, ask/bring an eye cover.
  • Pillows are HUGE! Rather than bringing your own pillow and lugging it around, let the property know your preferences (i.e. soft,firm,flat) and bring your own pillow case from home. Your body will recognize the smell from your pillow case, thus allowing your body to relax more.  And, a pillow case is far more portable!
  • Sleep only! Many hotels have limited seating/areas to work. Do your best to limit activities in bed to sleeping. Except for… well, you know <<wink, wink>>
best hotel beds sleeping-bed-945881_1920

This woman has found her ideal bed.


The Bald Thoughts

When booking a hotel room, the main purpose of it is to have a place to sleep. Before traveling, evaluate the bedding situation as best as you can over the phone with the property or with reviews online. Let them know ahead of time what accommodations you are needing, and you will have a much better chance of a good nights rest.

We want to hear your best/worst hotel bed stories! The comment section is open for your stories.

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