How to Save Automatically When Prices Drop With Earny

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Welcome to another edition of Free App Friday.  I love to save money, but I hate spending lots of time doing it.  If I can set something up once, and then it works behind the scenes to save me money, that is nirvana!  And this is where Earny comes in.  It is a free service that monitors your online purchases and saves automatically when prices drop.  Here’s a review of Earny and why you need to sign up.

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What is Earny & How does it work?

Earny is a service that connects to your email inbox and monitors it for purchases.  It then tracks prices for those items.  When it finds prices that have dropped, it automatically claims the difference on your behalf and notifies you of every refund that you’ve earned.

How do I get started saving automatically with Earny?

It’s super simple.

Step 1 – Create an account at Earny – Use our referral link to create an account either through their site or their app (iTunes or Android).

Step 2 – Link your email account – Earny easily integrates with Gmail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft with a simple sign-in and authorization, but you can also manually add your email configuration if you’re using a different email service.

Step 3 – Link your credit cards – Some credit cards offer extended price protection beyond what the online stores offer.  Earny easily integrates with most major banks to automate the process for you.

Earny credit card protection

Then sit back and wait for the refunds to happen automatically.

What stores does Earny work with?

Earny is constantly looking to add more stores, but here are some of the most popular stores at the time of publication:

  • Amazon
  • Jet
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Kohl’s
  • Old Navy
  • Macy’s
  • Overstock
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Target

… and the list goes on and on.

I literally shop at every one of the stores mentioned above, so I’m looking forward to some massive savings.

Earny purchases tracked

Here are some of the recent purchases that Earny is tracking for me.  Earny will track your purchases for up to 90 days.

Earny purchases refunded

I received a refund recently on these two purchases from Amazon.

Can I stack shopping portals & other rewards?

The killer thing about Earny is that you can shop online like you normally do.  Use portals to earn cash back, hotel points, or airline miles and use credit cards that offer bonuses for shopping at those online stores.  Some of my favorite cash back portals are Ebates, Mr. Rebates, and TopCashBack.  Earny works will every one of them.

Earny will be working behind the scenes to secure your refunds for you automatically.

However, there is one big hiccup… you have to use a credit card that offers price protection.  Gift cards and Amazon credits don’t work either with Earny either.

As Earny says in the message below, the 13% in cash back I’m missing out on is worth way more than the 0-5% cash back offered from most credit cards!

Earny missed savings

So, choose your method of payment wisely!

How does Earny make money?

Earny only makes money when you receive a refund.  There are no fees to sign up and no monthly fees to maintain your account.

Instead, Earny will receive 25% of the refunds that they secure on your behalf.

How Earny makes money

I think that’s totally reasonable for Earny to take a cut of the “found money” that they got me.  In the corporate world where I work, consultants that work on a contingent basis (aka only get paid if they save you money) charge approximately the same amount.

The Bald Thoughts

I am really enjoying the Earny service.  I’ve done nothing and they’ve already automatically saved me $11.45.  I just wish I set up their service earlier AND used the right credit card when paying for my purchases.  If you’re interested in signing up, please use my referral link to Earny.  There’s no special offer, but I’ll be totally thankful.  Now, let’s go get some savings!


  1. Looking for a way to save on hotel price changes. Will Earny track that? They all go on my Chase Sapphire for the 3x and trip protection….so unsure how to proceed after August when price protection feature does away. But likely I can at least submit the lower price directly to the hotel for a price match gaurantee?

    • I haven’t seen Earny track changes in hotel prices. I’ll have to check around to see if I’ve bookmarked any sites that track better deals for hotels. None come to mind right now. And with hotels extending their no-cancellation period, it makes it harder to make last minute changes to your reservations.


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