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My goal is to share knowledge, tips and tricks, and the latest news in personal finance and travel “hacking” to enable you to maximize your  financial independence and enjoy amazing travel experiences for minimal dollars.

For many years I thought I was beating the system with the Chase Southwest Visa and Southwest Companion Pass, along with the Starwood Preferred American Express, which has enabled my wife and I to travel to many cities and states than we would have otherwise been able to afford.

In early 2012, I came across a few blogs and realized what I knew was just barely scratching the surface in achieving great travel for almost nothing out of pocket.  Since then I have been absorbing as much travel knowledge as possible and look forward to sharing it with you.

On the personal finance side, I’ve always been focused on great deals and how to maximize my earnings.  I’ve worked in banking and finance for the last 15 years and started out working with my father’s bankruptcy law office.

Please be patient while everything is being set up. Like the other goals in life, you have to start somewhere and just make sure you’re making progress every day.

Talk soon.

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Lee grew up loving to travel with his parents. Now he explores the world with his wife, Anna and his two children Timothy and Scarlett. He enjoys being spoiled as a Kimpton Inner Circle Member and taking full advantage of Southwest's Companion Pass. Lee wants to teach his readers how to 'Travel More. Spend Less. Live Better.' using miles, points, tips and tricks.


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