Why you should use AwardWallet

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There are many tools out there that make traveling so much easier.  AwardWallet.com is one of them.

Award Wallet

It is a free tool that keeps track of all of your travel-related rewards accounts, such as airlines, hotels, rental cars, and bank-based rewards (such as Chase Ultimate Rewards).  I’ve found that it also keeps track of other programs, such as TGI Fridays and Amtrak.

The website updates your point totals automatically, so it is awesome to log in and see those totals grow.  When a balance changes, you’ll see green up arrows or red down arrows indicating the change, along with the amount of points that you either earned, bought, used, or lost (aka expired).

On top of that, rather than remembering all of your log-in and passwords, once entered, you can just click on the name of the program you want to log into, and voila… you’re on your way to that program’s website.

Another great thing about AwardWallet is that your reservations are automatically updated here, so it’s yet another tool to help keep track of all the great trips you have planned!  Right now, I have 32 rewards programs being tracked and 4 reservations integrated.

AwardWallet tracker

What I don’t like about it, and it’s not AwardWallet’s fault, is that not all rewards programs participate… including my beloved Southwest Airlines.  American Airlines and Delta Airlines are two others that don’t participate.  Something about trying to “protect” users’ information.  Yeah right, they just want to ensure you go to their website frequently.

I totally recommend signing up for AwardWallet.com.  I’d appreciate if you use my referral link, but won’t hold it against you if you didn’t.




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