Fly JetSuiteX College Game Day Flights

JetSuiteX college game day flights
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JetSuiteX is my go-to airline when I travel to the Bay Area or Las Vegas for business or pleasure.  As JetSuiteX continues to expand, they’ve recently introduced “pop-up” flights for special occasions.  For the first time, they’re offering a couple JetSuiteX college game day flights.  Continue reading as I explain what this means for college football fans.

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JetSuiteX College Game Day Flights. JetSuiteX sale Concord arrived in style
JetSuiteX in the Bay Area


Why JetSuiteX?

JetSuiteX offers a private jet experience at an affordable price.  They fly Embraer 135 jets that seat 30 passengers comfortably with 10 rows of seats offering a 36″ pitch in a 1-2 configuration.

The flights offer complimentary wifi, craft beers and other higher-end beverages, and full flight attendant service.

And don’t worry about long TSA lines with JetSuiteX.  You literally can show up for your flight 10-15 minutes ahead of departure and be totally fine.  JetSuiteX says that you’re ready to board within 15 minutes of from arriving at the airport.

For miles and points junkies, with their JetBlue partnership, you can also earn JetBlue points on every JetSuiteX flight!


What are the JetSuiteX College Game Day Flights?

For the first round of JetSuiteX college game day flights, there are two dates offered:

  • USC at Cal (Sept. 23) – Burbank-Bay Area
  • UCLA at Arizona (Oct. 14) – Burbank-Tucson

If you need to buy tickets for these games, use our referral link to Razorgator for the best prices.

“JetSuiteX can’t wait to welcome aboard fans and alumni of our local LA-area universities with this unique and super convenient way to catch these competitive match-ups,” said Alex Wilcox, founder and CEO of JetSuiteX. “With these gameday round trip flights, fans get the chance to arrive just 30 minutes before departure, avoiding long drives or airport lines and connections, jet to see their favorite team, and then return same day.”

JetSuiteX college game day flights
A much better flight experience!


Because these are very popular college football games that will most likely be televised, the TV schedule hasn’t been set yet.

The JetSuiteX college game day flights will depart Burbank 3 hours before the game begins.  The return flight will depart approximately 2 hours after the game ends.

With this type of schedule, as with the normal JetSuiteX experience, there is no rush causing you to miss any of the pre-game action or causing you to leave before the game ends.  I fly to sporting events all of the time, and I’ve had several experiences where I cut it extremely close due to inflexible schedules of the mainstream airlines.


Why JetSuiteX College Game Day Flights?

Getting away for an entire weekend just to see a football game with my friends isn’t always a good move for the longevity of my marriage.  As a father of two young children and husband to a very understanding wife, flying out for a one-day experience is very doable compared to leaving Friday night and coming home on Sunday.

JetSuiteX college game day flights. JetSuiteX Burbank check-in kiosk
This is what your TSA security line will look like.


With the JetSuiteX college game day flights, you will fly to the game in the morning and the private jet will be waiting to fly you home a few hours after the game is over.

  • Book online or via the app as you would any other flight
  • Show up 30 minutes prior to departure – no lines, no crowds and no stress
  • Board a 30-seat regional jet with a spacious, soundproofed cabin interior covered in soft leather and biz-class style seats
  • Start your tailgate on the plane with complimentary drinks (including beer, wine and cocktails) & snacks
  • Current routes beyond gameday flights: Burbank-San Jose, Burbank-Concord, Burbank-Vegas, and Concord-Vegas

JetSuiteX provides the comforts of a private aviation experience on the ground with business class amenities in-flight, sold by the seat at prices comparable to a standard commercial airline. Think celeb-worthy flying experience at an accessible price.

When you book your flights, use my JetSuiteX referral link or codepfveev” to save $20 off your first flight.

When I book flights with JetSuiteX, I use my Citi Prestige credit card because of the 3x on travel and the $250 annual travel credit.  To see the latest offers, check out our credit card marketplace to see which card works best for your needs.


The Bald Thoughts

JetSuiteX is my favorite affordable travel luxury, and I fly them whenever possible.  I really like the addition of JetSuiteX college game day flights.  I’m not sure that I can make one of these flights, but it would be a really awesome experience to fly with 29 other college football fans to see a game.

Will you be attending the USC vs. Cal or UCLA vs. Arizona football games?  If so, consider flying JetSuiteX for a better flight experience for about the same price as flying Economy on other airlines.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?  To see the best credit card offers available, go to our credit card marketplace to find your next card.

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