The Exciting Feeling When You Get Surprise Cash Back

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In the miles and points community, we’re generally hyper focused on earning miles and points.  Use one credit card for gas because of 3x bonus points.  Then a different one for eating out because it offers a 3x bonus on dining.  And yet another for airline tickets, hotel reservations, and Uber because of the 3-5x bonus on travel.  But did you know that you can register these cards and get surprise cash back at participating merchants?  You can with Dosh!

Disclaimer: Dosh sponsors content on this blog, but I use them personally because I earn 7-10% cash back on dining at certain restaurants without affecting any of the normal miles and points I earn from my credit cards.

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Get Surprise Cash Back from Dosh

I’m not one to research restaurants ahead of time based on the potential of earning miles & points through Dining Rewards or cash back from Dosh.  Instead, I eat where I want to eat based on what type of food I’m in the mood for.

After a recent outing with my buddy David using our final Citi Prestige complimentary rounds of golf, we were hungry for some food.

Not a bad 3rd hole.

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One the way home, we stopped by Dickey’s BBQ in Irvine.  Certainly adding some smoked meats and savory side dishes would be the perfect ending for our “man day” of golf and beers at one of Orange County’s finest golf courses.

Dosh surprise cash back
Ice cream for my tummy. Cash back for my wallet!


After we finished eating some delicious pulled pork, beef brisket, and mac’n’cheese, it was time for dessert.  Dickey’s BBQ provides free ice cream cones to all guests.

As I was walking over to grab some ice cream, I received an email notification from Dosh with my cash back.  Not only was this a great cash back surprise, that it happened so quickly that I haven’t even left the restaurant was a total shock!


The Bald Thoughts

If you’re looking to maximize your benefits when you’re out spending money on dining and travel, consider adding Dosh to your cash back and rewards portfolio.  It is a free app that links to your credit cards, so you can just set it up once, then forget about it until you get surprise cash back like I do.

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