Deciding Which Site To Rent A Car From

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I received a promotion email from Hertz, where they offered weekend rentals for just $14.99 per day.  This is a great deal for most people.  However, you have to balance your goals with the opportunities in front of you.

Hertz Weekend Special Promotion


Details Of The Hertz Weekend Special Promotion

Enjoy a low rate of $14.99 per day on an Economy car when you pick up from Thursday through Sunday by November 30, 2013.  This Weekend Special includes unlimited mileage.  Offer valid on Economy or Compact vehicles only for prepaid rentals commencing through 11/30/2013.

This offer is available at participating airport and neighborhood corporate locations in the U.S. when you include RQ Code VSTPTE in your reservation.


What Are My Options?

My family and I are taking a trip to Chicago in a few weeks and are renting a car using Southwest’s website.  The Alamo promotion is offering 2,400 Southwest Rapid Reward points for rentals of at least 2 days.

Alamo 2400 Points promotion

These 2,400 Rapid Rewards points are worth $40 to me since it takes 60 points to equal $1 in Wanna Get Away fares.

My current reservation is quoted at $131, with a net cost of $91 after the $40 from the 2,400 points.

I called Southwest and only the base points of 600 count towards Companion Pass Qualification.  You need 110,000 Tier Qualifying Points total for the Companion Pass.  Every bit helps.

Using the offer code Hertz, the rental will cost $80, or $11 less.

Hertz MDW Rental RQ Code VSTPTE


What Should I Do?

Since I would have to spend $100 in order to earn 600 Tier Qualifying Points (Wanna Get Away fares earn 6x points), it is worth it to me to spend the extra $11… let alone that my time is worth something for the time and effort required to cancel one reservation and make the other.

So, I’m going to keep my current reservation and pass along the discount code to you to use.



Always keep your goals in mind when booking your travel arrangements.  Sometimes, it is worth it to pay a little bit extra to help you reach your goals that much faster.


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