The Best Travel Suitcase For Kids

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We love to travel with our kids.  It’s so much fun to explore the world with them and get their perspective on the differences and similarities with other cultures.  So, we wanted to make sure that we had the best travel suitcase for kids.  This way, they’ll start learning responsibility for their own stuff… and there’s one less thing we have to carry!

Kimpton EPIC SkipHop best travel suitcase for kids
Scarlett at the Kimpton EPIC in Miami with her SkipHop suitcase


The Best Travel Suitcase for Kids

We tried several different brands and were largely unimpressed, until we tried the SkipHop brand.  They are durable, while still having bright, fun colors that kids love.

Scarlett gets mad when we don’t let her pull her suitcase.

Sandos Finisterra SkipHop best travel suitcase for kids
Scarlett at Sandos Finisterra in Cabo San Lucas


Timmy has had his SkipHop monkey suitcase for years, and it still looks as good as the day we bought it.

Timothy SkipHop Stockholm airport January 2017
Timmy in Stockholm, Sweden


Why SkipHop is the best travel suitcase for kids

Besides the really cool designs, there are many other reasons for parents to love SkipHop as much as kids do.  There is a 13″ retractable handle for kids to carry the suitcase.  And an adjustable “parent strap” is attached when the kids get too tired (or cranky?) to carry it themselves.  We use this strap to attach the suitcase to our adult Samsonite roller suitcases when the kids get too tired.

On the side of the suitcase, there is a mesh pocket to hold a sippy cup or bottle of water.  And there is a good-sized zippered pocket where we store our kids’ toothbrushes, snacks, crayons, and little toys.  This suitcase fits under the seat on the plane, so it’s easily within reach when the kids want something to do or eat.

The sturdy poly-canvas fabric is durable and easy to clean.  And, for those parents keeping track, it is BPA-free and Phthalate-free.

Each design comes with fun matching zipper pulls that the kids love.  For example, Timmy’s monkey suitcase has banana zipper pulls, while Scarlett’s puppy suitcase has dog bone zipper pulls.  And, if you want to coordinate, there is a whole line of complimentary products from SkipHop, such as backpacks, lunch bags, and goodies like plates and cups.


SkipHop Suitcases at Amazon

Amazon is our go-to source for buying things online.  They have some of the best prices, and I love the free two-day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime.  You can buy SkipHop, the best travel suitcase for kids, for around $30.

SkipHop Amazon best travel suitcase for kids


The Bald Thoughts

There are numerous choices for children’s suitcases, from traditional mini versions of adult brands to wild and crazy colors for kids.  We like the SkipHop brand as our choice for the best travel suitcase for kids because of their durability and functionality.  And our kids love them because of the fun designs, bright colors, and multiple pockets to hold all of their goodies.


    • Nathan, I get it. Especially when the kids are passed out. Just one more thing to carry off the plane. We decided the benefits of teaching them responsibility and having a dedicated bag to hold their stuff is worth the potential pain in the @$$.

    • Those seem pretty cool, but we chose the SkipHop line because of their coordinated products, like backpacks and lunch bags, and the ability to fit it under the seat in front of us rather than needing to find space in the overhead compartment. This way, whenever we need to grab snacks, coloring books, iPads, etc., they’re easily within reach without unbuckling a seat belt.

    • Of course Sam. We want the site to grow, but we also want to make sure we always have time to connect with our readers, answer their questions, or have a dialogue about the pros/cons about various products/strategies/programs. Have a great week.


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