Best Hotel Lazy Rivers, Mask Mandate Expires Next Week, JetBlue & AA Cut Summer Flights

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The Morning Shave

The 10 Best Hotels With Lazy Rivers. – One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is to chill in the lazy river. These circular pools orbit around a center island in a non-stop fashion. And when you’re ready to get off, simply find the nearest exit to get back to your vacation. The kids love the novelty of it, and I love that you can just relax and float for hours on end.

U.S. Air Travel Mask Mandate Expires Next Week, But an Extension Could Be Coming. – I think that there’s a good chance that the mask mandates may expire, but the potential rise of BA.2 infections may cancel the party. I saw that Philadelphia just reinstated indoor mask requirements, so that could influence the decision. The biggest concern, I think, is that the Feds believe it will be harder to reinstate the mandate later if they eliminate it now.

Scarlett and Lee on AA flight from The Bahamas 2021-10
Even if they drop the mandate, I’ll probably continue wearing masks while we fly. What about you?

Your Next American Airlines Flight Could Be a Bus Ride. – While domestic flights aren’t always the best experience, I would certainly be disappointed if I showed up for my “flight” and was boarded onto a bus instead. At least you’ll still earn AAdvantage points, but it isn’t quite the same. And I would certainly expect that the price be MUCH less than a flight.

JetBlue, Alaska Airlines Cut Flights as Summer Staffing Concerns Loom. – Local businesses aren’t the only ones hurting for employees. It seems that airlines shouldn’t have laid off or furloughed so many of their loyal employees now that travel has picked back up again. Employees remember how bosses treat them during tough times, and I’m sure that many flight attendants and pilots are looking at competitor airlines to move their careers forward. And we’re dealing with the mess that the airlines created. A few of my flight times this summer have been adjusted already based on expected cancellations. What about you?

How Frontier Notches a Win-Win No Matter the Fate of JetBlue’s Spirit Bid. – As long as someone acquires Spirit Airlines, Frontier is a winner. If they win, they become a much bigger airline to compete with a route network touching more destinations. If JetBlue wins, then they eliminate Spirit as a competitor since it is expected that JetBlue would upscale the Spirit experience as they integrate the airline. The only way Frontier loses is if Spirit stays independent as a ULCC in the U.S. market.

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