Basic Business Class Coming?, Avoid These Travel Safety Mishaps, 9 Amazon Prime Tips for Travelers

KLM Business Class ORD to AMS with Scarlett
Scarlett and me on a KLM Business Class from Chicago to Amsterdam
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the articles for Tuesday, June 22, 2021, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

10 Travel Safety Mishaps and How to Avoid Them. – As we begin traveling again, this is a reminder that when you travel to new cities, they aren’t always as safe as where you live. Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid “looking like a tourist.” Try to blend as much as possible and keep your wallet & other valuables in a safe place away from pickpockets.

Basic business: Your next flight up front might be purchased a la carte. – Can’t airlines let us enjoy a bit of luxury without messing things up? We earn and save our miles for aspirational redemptions and to be spoiled while traveling. Now, it seems that some airlines are looking to cut costs in Business Class by removing some of the very reasons why we want to enjoy this treat.

Business Class flight home from Denmark Lee and Timothy October 2020
Business Class flight home from Denmark Lee and Timothy October 2020

The World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations, from Mozambique to Spain. – Train travel in the U.S. is often overlooked as a form of travel, but it is still a popular (and efficient & affordable) mode of travel internationally. Train stations in other countries are also often some of the most beautiful and lively buildings in international cities. On your next trip, you should definitely incorporate a trip by train if you can.

9 Smart Ways to Use Your Amazon Prime Account When Traveling. – Amazon Prime is a wonderful addition to our daily lives at home, but it also has plenty of benefits while traveling too. We’ve used it for delivery of food and other items while traveling… and it saved us from having to search for a new bag when my backpack ripped apart on a trip to Yellowstone. Went into the app, picked a new bag, and a new bag arrived within two days.

Sweden Turns Itself Into the World’s Largest Open-air Bar. – What a fun concept and unique experience. In the end, it’s the memories of our travels that make it all worthwhile, so seek out opportunities like this to do something memorable that you can’t do at home.

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