All-Inclusive Resort Mistakes, How to Get Points Back, 5 Ways to Safely Pop Ears

Swiss Air 770-300ER Business Class Seat
Swiss Air 770-300ER Business Class Seat
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The Morning Shave

The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make at an All-Inclusive Resort.

Anna and I have a couple of Hyatt All-Inclusive vacations planned later this year. One of the biggest mistakes people make is eating and drinking too much since everything is “free.” Take it easy and enjoy the trip. Put your frugal mind at ease, and don’t overindulge. And don’t think that you need to clean your plate… it’s ok to be adventurous and sample a bit of this and that.

How to get your points and miles back after they expire.

You work so hard to earn your miles and points. Many airline and hotel loyalty programs have no expiration dates. Yet, some rewards expire on a schedule or if you don’t earn or redeem points every so often. If you’ve lost some rewards, here are a few ways that you can reinstate your rewards and avoid losing out on those valuable miles and points.

Anna in business class LHR to LAX
If your miles and points expire, how are you supposed to redeem them for awesome experiences like this? Anna in American Airlines business class LHR to LAX on the way home from Italy.

How Being a Tourist in My Own City Helped Revitalize My Marriage.

We often take our city (and our spouses) for granted because they’re always close at hand. Spoil yourself and your spouse with some one-on-one time while exploring the best things that your city has to offer. I’m trying to be better about booking at least one date-night dinner with my wife each month. It gives us a chance to be without the kids and try new places and revisit old favorites. And, if you have someone to watch the kids, booking a room is a great use of free night certificates. Best of all, you don’t need to book a flight or drive four hours to make it happen.

How to Get a New Passport as Quickly as Possible.

My son’s passport expires this month. We started the passport application process a few weeks ago, but they told us that it would take 7-8 weeks even after paying the expedited processing fees. Standard processing times are taking three months or more! Luckily, we don’t have any major trips planned right now. If you need a new passport quickly, follow these steps.

5 Ways to Safely Pop Your Ears After a Flight.

The pain and pressure of clogged ears during takeoff and landing can be unbearable. My ears hurt when I have a cold, and my son’s ears hurt on about half of our flights. We use EarPlanes (Amazon affiliate link), but they don’t always prevent the problem (most likely due to user error). Try these homeopathic remedies to relieve your ear pressure when you get off your flight.

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