What I Enjoyed Most About The United Club LAX

United Club LAX Review
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My recent United Polaris Business flight from LAX to Shanghai came with a complimentary pass to explore the new United Club LAX. I was really excited and looking forward to this since it just opened in November 2016. I don’t really get the opportunity to explore too many United lounges because I almost always fly with Delta.  Here’s what I enjoyed most about the United Club LAX.


United Club LAX Review

The United Club is located in Terminal 7 right next to gate 71 after the TSA security checkpoint.  When you walk inside, you are greeted by the front desk and you take the escalator to the second floor where the United Club is located.

United Airlines LAX Lounge
United Airlines LAX Lounge with a view of the runway

The United Club LAX is 20,000 square feet big and has numerous seats to unwind and relax before your flight.




One thing which stood out was the United Club LAX has an outdoor terrace. It’s a great way to grab some fresh air and watch the planes depart from their amazing view.  It can be a bit noisy due the car traffic and airplanes though during peak hours.



Food and Beverages

Like most airport lounges, there is a counter with small entrees to grab to eat. I arrived in the morning but I didn’t really see too many breakfast entrees being served. More so, it was salads and cookies that were available. A coffee and soda station are located on each side of the counter.  Adjacent to the food counter is a full bar if you prefer a cocktail or beer.






United Club LAX Operating Hours

The United club is opened from Monday through Sunday from 4:30 a.m. – 12:45 a.m. for your convenience.


How to get in?

There a few ways to get in and experience the United Club.

  1. Pay $59 for one day access.
  2. Purchase their annual membership which ranges from $450-550 USD a year depending on your status with United.
  3. Fly First or Bussiness class internationally or be a United Premier Gold member.
  4. Have the United MileagePlus Club credit card for unlimited access year around or the United MileagePlus Explorer credit card to receive 2 complimentary passes annually.


The Bald Thoughts

The United Club LAX is a lounge one should experience if they get the chance to. It’s well designed and provides great natural light for an exceptional experience prior to boarding. The food and beverage selection are similar to the Delta Lounge located in Terminal 5. I would like to revisit the lounge again at a different time to experience their other dining options. For the price of $59 a day, I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase a pass if I had less than two hours before my boarding time.

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