United Airlines Runway Promotion: Earn up to 58,800 miles with qualifying spending

United Airlines Plane
United Airlines
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United Airlines has launched another promotion for their customers. Their new United Airlines Runway promotion can earn you up to 58,800 miles with qualifying spending. Per one Reddit user, they were targeted with 58,800 bonus miles after spending $7,660.

United Airlines Runway Promotion

United Airlines Runaway Promotion
My United Offer

Not everyone will be targeted and those who are will see different offers. It’s always a good idea to check to see if you are eligible or not. It never hurts to earn some free miles.

United Airlines Runway Promotion Eligibility

Click to see if you’re targeted for the Runway Promotion.

United Airlines Plane
United Airlines

The Bald thoughts

If you have an upcoming business or personal trip on United Airlines this is a great opportunity to earn some extra miles. Since everyone’s offers will differ from one another, it will be hard to value if booking a trip for the sake of earning bonus miles will be worth it.

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