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Visiting Cuba is on my bucket list of places to travel.  And there are plenty of marginally legit ways to visit, like flying to Cancun, Mexico, then taking a flight from Cancun to Havana without getting your US Passport stamped.  A little shady, but still doable.

For those who prefer not to risk getting thrown in jail, there’s Abercrombie & Kent.  They have a 10-day “educational exchange” vacation available.

Abercrombie and Kent Havana Cuba

What You’ll Experience

  • Immerse yourself in Cuban culture, exploring its architecture, agriculture, music and dining during intimate, one-to-one experiences with residents
  • Discover Cuba’s and America’s great shared passion – baseball – at a game where you meet the players and even have the opportunity to play a few innings with them
  • Meet the husband and wife team operating the Proyecto de Arte Por la Costa, who are artistically enriching their community
  • Engage in a stimulating discussion of the history of U.S.-Cuba relations with a Foreign Service scholar in Havana
  • Join a local architect for an educational walk through Havana, discussing its historic styles and contemporary restoration efforts
  • Partake in a private salsa lesson and one-on-one talk with a Cuban salsa instructor
  • Pay an interactive visit to a cigar factory, where residents teach you their craft; then, gain insight into the growing process at a tobacco farm
  • Explore Las Terrazas eco-community and learn about Cuba’s environmental commitments at this unique UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Take an informative walk with artist José Fuster or his son to review his local projects, followed by an authentic dinner in his home
  • Experience Cuba’s culinary variety with an interactive cooking demonstration at a paladar (family-run restaurant), and talk with the owners about this privately owned Cuban enterprise
  • Gain insight into Cuba’s well-regarded public health care system during an informal yet engaging conversation with a local physician; discuss everything from physician training to research and production during an exchange of issues on the subject
  • Meet with local musicians during a private Buena Vista Social Club-style concert and cultural discussion


  • Day 1: Arrive in Miami and have dinner while listening to a Cuban-American speaking about life in Miami
  • Day 2: Fly to Santa Clara, Cuba and meet with locals
  • Day 3: Experience Cuban industries up close
  • Day 4: Explore Cuba’s vibrant arts
  • Day 5: Visit Cuba’s capital, Havana
  • Day 6: Cigars and Farming in the countryside
  • Day 7: Art & Nature in Las Terrazas
  • Day 8: Interactive cooking experience
  • Day 9: Spiritual center and private concert
  • Day 10: Depart Havana for Miami

How Do You Sign Up?

Visit Abercrombie & Kent’s website, complete the forms, and pay $4,995 (includes $300 discount if booking 2013 trip by August 15th).  They have put together an amazing trip, but I have to knock it down a notch due to the price.  Paying $5k per person is too rich for my blood when miles and points can get me so many experiences that rival this.  At the very least, I’d book a spectacular vacation to Cancun with miles and points, then pay less than $2k cash ($700 for 2 round-trip tickets & fees + $1300 in spending money for hotel, cars, etc.) for a short flight via Cubana or Aeromexico.


Lonely Planet Cuba
Lonely Planet Cuba

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