8 Tips to Reduce Stress on Your Next Flight

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Does flying stress you out?
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Travel can be stressful in today’s world. Airplanes are full, and flights are often delayed or canceled. Airport security lines are long and made worse by people who don’t seem to understand 3-1-1 rules. And terminals are jam-packed with upset travelers who take up too much space or have loud conversations on their cell phones. With this in mind, here are eight tips to reduce stress on your next flight so you can arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy your trip.

What’s stressing travelers so much… and what can you do about it?

Expedia just released its annual 2024 Air Travel Hacks Report after polling 1,000 U.S. travelers. Participants shared that air travel is often more stressful than worrying about money, getting stuck in traffic or going to the dentist.

Here are the biggest stressors shared by travelers:

  • 60% said finding a good deal was stressful. With tight budgets and inflation driving up the cost of everything we buy, this is certainly understandable. Listen to our podcast interview with Spencer Howard of Straight to the Points about how to save money on flights.
  • 63% of Americans admitted their stress levels increased the longer they waited to book their flight. Having unfinished items on your to-do list just piles on the stress, especially when flight deals or award tickets are no longer available. Subscribe to flight deal newsletters like The Flight Deal, Going, and Skyscanner.
  • 25% of Americans are afraid they’ll forget to pack underwear. One in seven travelers pack extra underwear, while one in nine pack less than one per day. Using a travel checklist when packing minimizes the chance that you’ll leave anything behind.
  • 58% of travelers have an argument with their travel partner during their flight. And, of course, they generally believe that the fight was the other person’s fault. Talk with your travel companion ahead of the trip to ensure you’re both on the same page. Setting realistic expectations reduces stress and the chances you’ll get into a fight.
Reduce stress on flights. Expedia Air Travel Hacks Report 2024.
Image courtesy of Expedia.

8 tips to reduce stress on your next flight

By following these tips from the Expedia Air Travel Hacks report and my travel experiences, you’ll reduce stress and have a better time on your trip. You may even save time and money on your flight, which can minimize your stress even more.

Book on Sunday

Sundays remain the cheapest day to book travel, with an average savings of 13%. Fridays are the most expensive days to book a flight.

Reserve flights 28 days out

Expedia’s research found that travelers booking flights 28 days before departure saved up to 24% over those who booked at the last minute. When booking international travel, travelers saved an average of 10% when booking 60 days to four months before departure.

Fly before 3 p.m.

Taking a morning or early afternoon flight minimizes the impact of delays and flight cancellations. Flights departing after 3 p.m. have a 50% higher chance of being canceled than earlier flights. To protect yourself, book your flight with a travel credit card that includes complimentary travel protections against delays, cancellations, lost bags and more.

Take advantage of price drop protection

When booking flights through Expedia, you’ll receive Price Drop Protection, which issues a refund if the ticket price drops after booking. Price Drop Protection is free for Gold tier One Key members or for a small fee for everyone else.

Get TSA PreCheck

With TSA PreCheck, you’ll have access to special lanes that expedite you through airport security. You can keep your shoes and belt on, and leave your 3-1-1 liquids, laptop and other electronics in your bag. And there are numerous credit cards that reimburse TSA PreCheck application fees.

Sign up for CLEAR

CLEAR uses biometrics to identify members and skip the line at airport security and at other participating venues. You can combine these benefits with TSA PreCheck to get the best of both programs.

Spend time in the airport lounge

Visiting an airport lounge ahead of your flight gives you access to exclusive areas inside the airport with comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere. Most lounges offer complimentary food/snacks, drinks and WiFi, while some offer showers, massages, and more.

Book a premium cabin ticket

When flying in a premium seat, you’ll have more room, better service and a more enjoyable experience. Business and First Class passengers may also get lie-flat seating, premium food and drinks and other amenities to reduce stress so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

While most of us don’t have extra cash lying around to book a premium ticket, it is still possible to travel in luxury while staying on budget. Airline miles and credit card rewards make premium travel affordable and attainable to almost anyone’s budget. Learn how with our free email course – 7 Days to Your Dream Vacation For Less.

Reduce stress on flights. Expedia Air Travel Hacks Report 2024
Image courtesy of Expedia.

The Bald Thoughts about reducing stress on flights

While vacations can be relaxing and enjoyable, getting ready for your flight can be stressful. Airport security lines, flight delays and cancellations, lost or delayed bags, and other situations can lead to unnecessary stress and potential fights among travel companions. These tips for reducing stress on flights can improve your travel experience and help you arrive relaxed.


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