The Club at MCO, a Priority Pass Lounge Review

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While on our way home from Disneyworld and Universal Studios Orlando, my travel buddy and I wanted to check out the amenities at The Club at MCO Terminal A Priority Pass Lounge at the Orlando International Airport.

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Entrance to The Club at MCO, Orlando Priority Pass Lounge

Finding The Club at MCO Orlando Priority Pass Lounge is quite simple, as it is located in the main foyer of Terminal A at MCO Airport. I will say this lounge is a nice escape as MCO is one of the LOUDEST airports I have ever been in. I think it’s the kids still hyped up from Disneyworld…

The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge
The club!
The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge


You will be greeted by a friendly representative that will scan your Priority Pass card. You will notice right away the immense reduction in volume levels.

The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge


The Club at MCO Layout

With plenty of sitting area, The Club at MCO is is a great lounge to either continue those last minute spreadsheets or to relax away from the hectic airport noise.

The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge
Lots of room to sit!


What I found extremely unique about this lounge is the full work station available to guests. This may be a ‘staple’ in many lounges, but I enjoyed the fact that it is a communal space rather than private.

The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge
Lots of space to work!


As for food and drinks, there is a full-service bar and a full buffet for your enjoyment. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still well done.

The Club at MCO Priority Pass Lounge
A great way to wind down after a busy week!


The one unique aspect of this lounge is that there is a full-service shower for guests. An awesome feature to make this lounge unique since not every airport lounge offers showers.


The Bald Thoughts

After a long vacation with a TON of walking (36+ miles), being in a noisy airport is the last thing anyone would want to do. The Club at MCO allowed my travel buddy and I to enjoy the last few hours of our trip in peace & quiet. I will give this lounge a 8/10. Very solid lounge great amenities, but nothing spectacular.

For further information on both lounges, visit the Priority Pass Lounge website here.


  1. Um…you do realize that there are TWO Club lounges at MCO?

    The one in Terminal 1 (Gates 1-29), not “A”, which just opened last month. You can also access this one from Terminal 3 (Gates 30-59) by taking the tram and NOT exiting security but instead heading over to the Terminal 1 tram.

    Then there is the older, but much larger Club at MCO in Terminal 4 (Gates 70-99), which can also be accessed from Terminal 2 (Gates 100-129) using the same tram trick. This lounge has the communal conference table, but also has two private office rooms with doors for those who want privacy or wish to talk on the phone. They also have a kids room with video games & such.

    I completely agree that The Club at MCOs are much more pleasant than the main terminal due to noise/kids. Also, with all of the construction going on, when I was going through MCO last month The Club was the only part of Terminal 4 which had working air conditioning.

    • Actually, you may have to go through security again coming from Terminal 4. We have visited the Terminal 4 Club (by gate 91) quite a few times, and have always had to go through security again to get back to our Southwest flight (gates 100-129). Something about Terminal 4 being international arrivals. We have Pre-check, so it’s not an issue for us.

    • Ouch! It’s becoming somewhat of a problem with so many people having lounge access through so many cards. I wonder if there will be a backlash and cards will start reducing or eliminating the benefit like Amex did with Centurion. Or will people stop paying for premium cards when benefits like this are hard to use?

  2. My first time at MCO, traveling with a little one. Also for the first time, I am hoping to use it as an arrival lounge on a Sunday evening at 5:30. I believe in the US that should not be a problem. Would anyone know how much time and effort this would be if flying with southwest. I believe terminal A gates 100-129? Also I think my baggage should be OK for an hour or so.
    Thanks, Pam


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