Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Hidden Shower Room

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I prefer red-eye flights coming home from East Asia because I can sleep immediately on the plane. It makes the dreaded 12-hour non-stop flight a little bit faster. My flight was scheduled to depart from Terminal 2 at the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. Stopping in Taiwan allowed me to visit the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport hidden shower room.


Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

A few months ago, I received my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and one of its perks you get is the Priority Pass membership. While I’ve flown out of Taiwan Taoyuan Airport before and received complimentary lounge access to the China Airlines lounge (located near Gate D4) before, this time I was flying economy, which doesn’t provide lounge access.

I wanted to take advantage of my new Priority Pass membership from the Chase Sapphire Reserve and explore other lounges in the airport. I was eagerly looking forward to a shower since I was running around the city all day.

Unfortunately,  I arrived at the front desk of the Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A1) too late and they politely told me they were closing in 15 minutes. Although the Priority Pass app has it listed open 24 hours, the front desk agent notified me operating hours are subject to change due to flight departures. The agent directed me to their Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A) lounge, which was directly on the opposite side of the aisle.


Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Hidden Shower Room

I proceeded to the Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A) to verify if this lounge had showers, but came up short again. On the way out,  I noticed a shower sign on the top of a doorway near the Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A).

Shower Head Entrance
Shower Head Entrance

There were two open separate rooms where the showers seemed to be available to use. I scanned to see if there were any machines to pay but I didn’t see anything. I asked the front desk agent at the lounge, and he told me that the showers were free, but I had to buy a towel at the Salon Spa store around the corner.

Taiwan Airport Spa
Where to buy shower towels

Shower Amenities

There is no time limit for your shower, but there is only 15-minutes worth of hot water.

Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Timer Warning
Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Timer Warning
TPE Airport Shower Timer
TPE Airport Shower Timer

Each shower offers shampoo and body wash liquid for you to use. Two different shower heads (rainfall and handheld) are provided and each can be adjusted for your height.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Shower Head

Pro Tip: Bring sandals or shower shoes to wear while taking your shower. The showers looked very clean, but there was no cleaning schedule checkoff list located inside or outside of the shower. You don’t want to catch Athlete’s Foot… or worse!

No sink is available inside the shower room, however, one is conveniently available just outside the shower for you to use. If you’re traveling by yourself, or your companion is also taking a shower, don’t worry about your belongings because there is enough room in the shower area to store your carry-on luggage or backpack.

Taiwan Airport Shower Room
Taiwan Airport Shower Room


The Bald Thoughts

I love having the Chase Sapphire Reserve card for all of the great benefits that it provides. But, keep an eye out because some amenities normally reserved for lounges can be found for free if you look hard enough. Other international airports offer similar services throughout their terminals. If all else fails, ask the information desk to learn what’s offered in the airport.

If you’d like to apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, or any other card, please use our referral links when applying.

a shower head with water drops


  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if you remember what gate this shower sign was by. I flew through this airport last summer on my way to Seoul and for the life of me I couldn’t find the showers. I just need to know which gate this is by so this upcoming trip I can have a shower during my 2 hour layover. Thanks so much!


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