Taiwan Love Motel, Not Your Ordinary Motel Room

King Size Bed - Mulan Love Hotel
Royal King Bed
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I was headed to Taiwan for work and my flight was scheduled to arrive at 5:30 a.m. When you’re one of the first flights to arrive at the airport, it’s fairly easy to get through customs and immigration. The problem I faced was I had to go straight to work at 10:00 a.m. in Taipei. But I needed to shower after a long flight and wanted rest for a little bit. The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has a secret shower room but it’s only accessible through the departure gates. Faced with this dilemma, I decided to check into a Taiwan love motel.

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Why Are There Taiwan Love Motels?

I have a few friends and coworkers who live in Taiwan and their explanation of why Taiwan love motels exist is simple. Unlike most western countries, Taiwanese people are still fairly conservative.

Many men and women still live with their parents until they’re married. That being said, you can imagine, a couple will look somewhere else for intimacy.

The second reason is that they are used for party rooms. Friends will drink and do KTV (karaoke) throughout the night.

What is really cool is that some rooms are themed and offer different amenities. The best part of the Taiwan love motels is you can pay per the hour or for the whole night!


Mulan Motel Taipei

I decided to choose the Mulan Motel Taipai for the close vicinity of where I had to go to work to. I paid $60 USD for about 3 hours.

I was surprised when I entered the room. It felt more like an upscale suite similar to American chain hotels.

The room came with a king size bed with a luxury headboard fit for a king.

Taiwan Love Motel. King Size Bed - Mulan Love Hotel
Royal King Bed


In front of the bed was an 80-inch LED TV (if i had to take a guess). It was pretty massive for a motel room!

Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Hotel TV
80 inch TV


Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel - Overview
Bedroom Overview


Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel - Fridge
Fridge and Snacks inside the cabinet


Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel Snacks
Complimentary snacks


Taiwan Love Motel Bathroom

The bathroom at the Taiwan love mote blew me away even more. It was nothing that I would have imagined.

On the right of the sink are the toilet and a steam room. Next to the sink was an amenity box which included (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, lotion, razor, shaving cream, and sewing kit).

On the left was a jacuzzi and includes an overhead shower.

Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel Bathroom
Spacious and Luxury Bathroom


Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel Amenity Kit
In case you forgot to pack something, Mulan Motel has you covered.


Taiwan Love Motel. Mulan Motel Jaccuzi
Perfect way to relax after a long flight


Behind the tub, there is a door which opens into a small garden. The outside garden didn’t leave much space to walk around but offers a good view. My best guess is that the garden is intended for smokers as the main entrance is far from the motel room.


How to book a Taiwan Love Motel

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The Bald Thoughts

The definition of a “motel” is something of an understatement when you visit a Taiwan love motel.  The room provided me more than enough amenities for my short 3-hour stay. I love the fact that you can rent the motel room for a few hours rather than needing to book a whole night stay. This was very useful for someone in my situation. If you ever travel to Taiwan during the summer, let me tell you this, you will sweat immediately and will want to shower! Taiwan love motels are a perfect option for travelers having a long layover or stopover.


    • For the price, I thought I was getting just a standard room typically what I’m you used to state side. Their version of a room is a suite which was why I was pretty excited when I only paid $60.


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