Sumo 50 2019: Austin Charity Bike Ride + Tacos!

Sumo50 April 2019 group photo
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I love it when you can combine two great activities you enjoy in the name of charity. The Sumo50 2019 does all that and more while raising money to buy laptops for underprivileged children. And you can join in the fun with your donation! Here’s how…

Sumo50 November 2018 group photo
The riders are excited to start the course

What is Sumo50 2019?

This year is Sumo50 2019, the second annual charity bike ride in Austin led by Noah Kagan. If you’re in digital marketing or own a website, you probably know who he is… or at least know one of his companies:

  • – free & paid website tools that help businesses build their following
  • – daily deal site for killer software (aka Groupon for entrepreneurs)
  • – the best and most affordable email marketing tool

Noah loves to ride bikes and eat tacos so he created the Sumo 50 to blend these two awesome things. He invited friends and clients to Austin for a weekend of fun, networking, riding bikes, and eating tacos.

Click here to register for the Sumo 50 2019.

But I can’t ride 50 miles…

Don’t worry, neither can I (as I found out).

There are many ways to support this great cause. Donations can be made at three different tiers if you can’t attend Sumo50 2019. Or you can ride the 25 or the 50-mile course.

Don’t worry, you’re not biking alone either.

Last fall, I rode the 25-mile course and felt really good. Here’s the map…

Then, I met up with Noah and a few buddies for a 50-mile ride this spring and my knee said “it’s time to stop” at around 40 miles. I’ve been training and my goal is to complete the 50-mile Sumo 50 next year!

Sumo50 April 2019 group photo
The five of us met up in April 2019 for another ride and to raise more money for charity

Here’s the course that we rode in April that was just shy of 50 miles. This will give you an idea of the 50-mile course that you’ll ride this year.

When is the Sumo50 2019?

The Sumo50 2019 race is being held on Saturday, September 14, 2019. The race begins at 9 am Central time.

Overall, the charity bike ride should take a few hours, depending upon the distance you choose and how fast you ride.

Sumo50 November 2018 riding on trails
Riding on the trails

How much does it cost?

There are many different options to support the Sumo 50 2019’s efforts in buying laptops for underprivileged children. Here are the options from the charity bike ride’s website:

  • Thank you letter — Amigo Tier — $5. Noah will personally mail you a thank you letter.
  • Custom deck of cards + t-shirt — Taquito Tier — $25. Get a custom deck of Ninja Taco playing cards and Ninja Taco t-shirt. These are exclusive, and you can’t buy them anywhere.
Sumo50 taco ninja playing cards 300x225
Be careful of the ninja tacos
  • Biking Jersey — Taco Tier — $100 — Jersey. Everything in the previous tier, and a limited-edition Sumo bike jersey.
Sumo50 2019 bike jersey V5WZHeTA-300x207
These jerseys look pretty sweet
  • Riding the Ride — Burrito Tier — $200 — Bike ride. You’ll get everything in the previous tier, plus join Noah for a fun 25 or 50-mile bike ride in Austin, TX on September 14th, 2019 (bike riding newbies welcome). A pre-party with a magic performance, and then you’ll ride an exclusive course designed by Lance Armstrong’s organizer. Finally, you’ll have a fun VIP lunch and margarita after-party with a special musical guest.
  • Private Consultation — Big Nacho Tier — $1,000. You’ll get everything in the previous tier (including the ride), private VIP group dinner the night after the race, and a 1-hour business phone consult with Noah Kagan. Best things that he’s helpful with are marketing plans, how to 5-10x your business, and organizational structure / hiring.
  • THE experience — King Taco Tier — $15,000 (1 available). Join Noah for the ULTIMATE day in Tokyo, Japan. You’ll have his favorite ramen and sushi, and work on your business all while enjoying one of the best cities in the world. Noah will even pay for your flight, Airbnb, and all food.

Last year, I donated $200 to be in the Burrito Tier. It was a fun and worthwhile experience, and I met a lot of cool people who I’m now friends with.

Sumo50 November 2018 with sumo
You might get to meet the Sumo mascot

Do I have to bring my bike?

Unless you’re local or plan to drive to Austin, don’t worry about bringing a bike. Noah and the Sumo50 team have a relationship with Mellow Johnny’s, a local bike shop. You can rent a bike and helmet at very reasonable prices. There are plenty of bikes to choose from based on your size and experience. My bike rental was only $30!

I rode an eScooter from the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt to Mellow Johnny’s. Rented my bike, then rode the bike over to the Sumo HQ. From Point A to B to C took under an hour.

Got my bike and ready to ride!

Where to stay for Sumo 50 2019?

Austin is filled with some pretty amazing hotels. The city is really popular for its music, food, and biking, so prices can be high on some weekends.

Here are some favorite hotels in Austin that you can stay at for the Sumo 50 2019:

  • Hilton Austin (reviews) – Hilton category 7 property that ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 points per night.
  • Hotel San Jose (reviews) – one of Noah’s top choices.
  • JW Marriott Austin (reviews) – this Marriott category 6 property is 40,000 to 60,000 points per night.
  • Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt (reviews) – killer rooftop pool with views of the river. Complimentary evening wine hour from 5 pm to 6 pm includes wine, snacks, local brews, and margaritas.
  • The Driskill (reviews) – Noah also recommends this historic hotel.

Also, check out AirBnB. There are some great rentals in the Austin area and, if you use my referral code, you’ll save $40 off your first reservation. You can even rent an Airstream, like this one!

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt lakeview suite upgrade
Lakeview suite upgrade at the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

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Check out my podcast episode with Noah about Austin

I had the pleasure of having Noah Kagan on my We Travel There podcast to share his favorite things to do in Austin. His tips include where to find the best breakfast tacos, how to get Franklin’s BBQ without waiting in line, and why everyone loves to float the river. Or you can click below to listen to the episode now.

Sumo50 November 2018 Noah Kagan and me
Noah Kagan and me

The Bald Thoughts

Last year, Noah and everyone involved with Sumo50 raised $27,516 to buy laptops for underprivileged children. How awesome is that?!?! This year, they’re looking to up the ante and get more people involved.

If you love to ride bikes and eat tacos, register for the Sumo50 2019 now! Even if you don’t, contribute to this worthy cause and help kids learn the technology skills they’ll need to compete in today’s digital society.

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