Say Goodbye To Buffets, Which Airport Lounges Are Open, How To Get A Flight Refunded

Korean Airlines KAL Lounge
Korean Airlines KAL Lounge
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the articles for Wednesday, May 27, 2020, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

The buffet is closed: How coronavirus forever changed a longtime travel luxury. – I’ve never been a big fan of buffets, even before coronavirus. I’ve seen too many people sneeze on open food or touch food and then put it back. I prefer food that is only touched by chefs or cooked specifically for me. But, a lot of people love buffets and it is sad to see such a gluttonous tradition be lost to the coronavirus. Are you going to miss buffets?

Which airline lounges in the US are currently open? – Airport lounges are one of my favorite affordable luxuries when I travel. Even when I’m flying Economy, I can usually find a way to gain access through one of my credit cards. But many airport lounges are closed right now due to reduced demand or as they try to figure out how to change procedures to adhere to local rules.

Delta Sky Lounge LAX Seats
Delta Sky Lounge at LAX

Nobody Likes Tourists—Until They Stay Away. – Too many tourists can be a strain on public systems and a pain for local citizens. But, the lack of tourists is just as big of a problem. Many destinations count on tourism dollars to fund benefits for their citizens and employ locals. What happens if those tourists don’t come back or come back in much smaller numbers? Unfortunately, we’re about to find out.

2 Simple Tips for Getting a Refund When the Airline Only Offers a Credit. – Many of us have had to cancel flights due to travel restrictions. In an effort to conserve cash, airlines have tried to give customers credits for future flights instead of cash refunds. The travel credits may work for some people, but others want the money. DOT rules say that an airline must provide a refund if your flight is canceled, so don’t let an airline bully you into taking a credit for a future flight if you don’t want one.

Boeing and Airbus Study How Coronavirus Behaves During Air Travel. – Airplanes have way more technology than we realize. Besides the complicated task of getting a huge and heavy airplane into the sky, the planes keep us safe at altitudes we normally couldn’t survive. These systems also affect how coronavirus could spread inside an airplane and provide opportunities to stop it through proper filtration and other approaches.

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  1. Not gonna lie… I like a buffet. Will I miss them… probably not. But that is so interesting, I hadn’t even thought of not having them due to Corona. That will be sad for those business owners.

    • I hear you. I occasionally go to brunch with the family, but I usually stick to foods prepared by the chef and avoid food that has been sitting out where everyone can freely touch them. It’s going to change Las Vegas in a major way since buffets are a big attraction for visitors.

      • The utensils at the buffet are no more dangerous than the door handle you pulled to get in to the place. Wear a mask while serving yourself, wash or sanitize your hands before you eat….what’s the problem?

        • Counting on people to wash their hands is a big problem. From my personal experience, half of men don’t wash their hands. If I’m at work (at my old job) or at a conference, I avoid shaking those people’s hands when I greet them. I doubt most of those people have changed their habits even after all of the coronavirus warnings.

          To your point, I can see how the utensils and door handles probably have the same risk factor.


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