Marriott Points Devaluation, Southwest FA Broke Her Back on Landing, Override Hotel Thermostat

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Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.
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The Morning Shave

Ouch: It’s not just you, Marriott stays now cost more points. – Marriott just can’t help itself sometimes. They keep “Bonvoying” members with devaluations, poor customer service, and more. Granted, prices are high for just about any travel reservations right now, but when you keep reducing the value of your points, members will leave.

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant broke her back when her plane landed with such force she thought it had crashed, NTSB says. – While nobody else was hurt on the plane, those jumpseats that flight attendants sit on can be dangerous. There is little padding or support like a regular airplane seat. I feel bad for her because having a bad back is no joke. She’ll probably get a big workers comp payday so she won’t have to work again. [H/T Reader Mike B. for sharing.]

Next Phase of the Heart Brand
Image courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

How to override hotel thermostat settings (Updated July 2022). – Hotel owners want to keep temperatures up to save money on AC bills. But, customers pay good money to stay there and want their rooms to be comfortable. Who will win? You will if you know how to override the thermostat settings. [Thanks for sharing, Larry.]

Pilots Are Angry Over Airport Chaos. Here’s How Airlines Are Trying to Fix It. – Passengers aren’t the only ones who are upset with how poorly airline travel is right now. Pilots are also upset, which is causing airlines to take notice. Let’s hope that this spurs them to take action.

15 Amazing Luxury Hotel Suites Around the World That Are Worth the Splurge. – I’m usually pretty frugal when I travel if I’m not using miles and points to pay for my reservations. But, with some of these amazing luxury suites, they may be worth splurging on for a special celebration, like a birthday, anniversary, or promotion.

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