Man Dies In Cathay Pacific Lounge, Americans Don’t Like Travel Credit Cards, Never Do This In A Hotel

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Man Dies In Cathay Pacific Lounge, Isn’t Found For Over 17 Hours. – What a tragic situation. Cathay Pacific is usually known for having such great service. However, I agree with Lucky that the staff let this man (and his family) down by not being more attentive to the situation.

Americans Are Not Big Fans of Travel Credit Cards. – For those of who have jumped into the deep end of travel rewards, this statistic is hard to comprehend. But we have to remember that financial literacy is not taught in school and many families are just trying to live paycheck-to-paycheck. If these families would learn just a few of our tricks, they could save hundreds or thousands per year on their vacations and put that money towards paying off debt or investing in their future.

Credit cards in the sand Bahamas
Keep earning those points and your next vacation could be free.

8 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel. – It’s scary to think that the TV remote in your hotel room is often dirtier than the toilet seat. After you read this article, you may completely change the way you behave in hotel rooms.

To Reduce Travel Stress, Plan Less. – There’s something to be said for leaving flex time in your travel agenda. Of course, when you visit certain cities there are “must-do” activities you want to do. But if every minute is planned out, you won’t have time to actually enjoy your vacation. Work is stressful enough. You don’t need to also be stressed when you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Do you know there’s a train with airline-style flat-bed seats? – Traveling by rail seems to be a lost art in today’s rush, rush, rush society. Time is truly a luxury that few of us can afford. We should all try it sometime. And when you’re traveling by rail, splurge a little for the flat-bed seats. The difference in price is minimal for this 24-hour journey. And your neck and back will thank you for the ability to lay down instead of trying to sleep sitting upright.

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