Make sure you book your 3-year old child on the same flight!

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I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Sylvia at LAX (#62321) for taking care of us. I booked flights for myself, my wife, and my son to fly from LAX to RDU. Somehow I ended up with flights for my wife and I from LAX to STL to RDU and my 3-year old son was on a flight from LAX to HOU to RDU. Both flights were leaving LAX at noon, so you can understand my confusion when booking the flight.

I had a Business Select ticket, and all 3 of us tried to board when it was my turn. The gate agent told me that I had a wrong ticket, so I thought I gave the connecting flight ticket by mistake. When I gave him the other ticket, he said that one was wrong as well.

I was confused, so I went to the counter to speak with Sylvia (#62321). She pointed out the mistake of my wife and me flying through STL and my son flying through HOU. She worked really quickly to fix the error and get my 3-year old son booked onto our flight.

Unfortunately, we were almost the last people on the plane, so sitting together in one row was near impossible. However, some really nice fliers allowed my wife and son to sit next to each other, and another lady offered to move so that I could sit across the aisle from them.

What started out as a bad situation, turned out to be as good as can be expected thanks to Sylvia (#62321) and several great Southwest fliers.

Just another reason why I LUV flying Southwest!


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