LivingSocial Restaurants Plus Shut Down. Now What?

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In the past, I wrote about how LivingSocial Restaurants Plus would pay you $20 to go out and eat.  It was a great way to earn extra cash back in addition to the rewards you earn from using your credit cards.  Unfortunately, I just received notice that LivingSocial Restaurants Plus is shutting down July 12, 2017.  Now that this avenue of earning additional cash back on dining is gone, what should you do?  The answer is Dosh.

Full disclosure: Dosh has sponsored a series of blog posts, but my opinions are my own and are not affected by their sponsorship.  I use Dosh whenever possible in my personal life and enjoy the cash back rewards that I earn from the app.


LivingSocial Restaurants Plus shut down

I haven’t used LivingSocial Restaurants Plus much over the past year because I like to pick places to eat based on my mood vs. where I’ll earn some cash back.  I hate to hear about programs like this shutting down though because I like being surprised when I receive notifications that I’ve earned some cash back unexpectedly.

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus logo

There were a ton of participating restaurants in the Southern California area, so I’m unsure why they stopped the LivingSocial Restaurants Plus program.

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus map

Here is the message I received from LivingSocial Restaurants Plus:

Thank you for being a valued Restaurants Plus customer. We want to inform you that Restaurants Plus is shutting down this summer.

You will be able to dine at the restaurants you love and earn cash back on existing deals through Wednesday, July 12. The final payment for your cash back rewards will be sent by August 31, 2017. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please call our Customer Care team at 202-400-2100.

While Restaurants Plus is ending, you can still access thousands of great dining deals, as well as deals on activities, spas, travel and more on the new LivingSocial website and app. To view the latest deals, please click the button below to visit LivingSocial.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you again for being a Restaurants Plus customer.


Why you should sign up for Dosh

Dosh is a similar app that allows you to sign up to earn cash back on top of the rewards that you’re already earning from your credit card.  Use my referral link to join Dosh and start earning cash back.

With the Dosh app, I’ve been earning 7%-10% cash back on restaurants that I’m already planning to dine at, which is totally awesome!  And I was even surprised during a recent vacation when a restaurant recommended by our resort earned me 7% cash back.  How cool is that?

I love getting notifications where Dosh is making it rain…

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus. Dosh cha-ching

Cash back on dining is awesome, but Dosh doesn’t stop there.

It also offers some online shopping opportunities for cash back when using their portal.  And they have a travel portal where you can book discounted hotel rooms and pocket the cash back.  It compares pretty favorably to HotelTonight for last minute bookings.


The Bald Thoughts

Rewards programs come and go.  While they’re here, use them to your advantage to save money and live a better life.  LivingSocial Restaurants Plus is gone, but Dosh is here to take its place.  Use our referral link to sign up for Dosh and you’ll get some extra goodies just for linking your first couple of credit cards.


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