Korean Air A330 Business Seoul to Bali

Korean Airlines A330 Seat Side View
Side View of Korean Airlines A330 Seat
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Korean Air A330 Business Seoul to Bali

It’s been 11 years since I last flown with Korean Air. In fact, Korean Air was my first international flight from Los Angeles to Seoul back in 2007. On my recent vacation, I decided to fly from Shanghai to Seoul in order to experience Korean Air Business Class to my final destination Bali, Indonesia. Watch my trip report below.

Seat Controls

Korean Airlines A330 Seat
A330 Seat
Korean Airlines A330 Seat Side View
Side View of A330 Seat
Korean Airlines A330 Seat Control
Seat Control

Food Menu

Korean Airlines Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu
Korean Airlines Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
Korean Airlines Beverage Menu
Beverage Menu

Food and Beverage

Korean Airlines Champange
Korean Airlines Beverage
Salmon and Whiskey
Korean Airlines Appetizer
Shrimp Appetizer

For dinner, I chose the bibimbap and it was delicious. It wasn’t too spicy and the rice was cooked perfectly. After dinner, I went straight to bed and I didn’t even wake up to eat my meal before arriving in Bali.

Korean Airlines Main Course
Main course
Korean Airlines Dessert
Coffee and Strawberry Ice Cream

The Bald Thoughts

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Korean Airlines and I would gladly fly with them again. The food and service were excellent. The seat allowed me to fully extend my legs when I was sleeping without my feet be trapped, unlike other A330 configurations.


  1. There’s certainly nothing wrong with Korean, but out of curiosity, why not fly Garuda? Both are Skyteam if this was an award ticket, and Garuda has better service and pretty much equal food quality, while flying a similar type of plane.

      • ICN-DPS and back a couple of times, plus some Indonesian domestic. My wife and I really love the staff. The seats in business are 2x2x2, so fine but not great, but good food and top notch people help a lot. I think Garuda also partners with ANA, although I haven’t tried using an ANA award with them yet.


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