Delta Airlines A350 Suites LAX to Shanghai

Delta One Suite Overview
Overview of a Delta One Suite Seat
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Delta Airlines A350 Suites LAX to Shanghai

In June, Delta Airlines invited me to check out their new A350 Suites. I fell in love with the spacious leg room and privacy the suites offered. On my recent vacation, I was excited to fly Delta Airlines A350 Suites from Los Angeles to Shanghai. Watch my full flight review below.

Meal Service

I started with some whiskey neat and warmed nuts for my meal service. I chose to go with the Chinese menu set to try something new on Delta Airlines. The Chinese appetizers and the main course were delicious; however, the presentation of the main course could have been cleaned up a little bit by the flight attendant before she served it to me.

Delta Airlines A350 drink
Whiskey neat
a plate of food on a table
Chinese Appetizer
Delta Airlines A350 Dessert
Main course
Delta Airlines A350 Dessert
Chocolate Sundae

The mid-flight meal was excellent and very light. It was just enough to fill me up and put me in a food coma without having my stomach bloated. For breakfast, I chose to go with a Western menu set. The steak was overcooked for my liking (well-done). I typically eat my steaks medium rare.

Delta A350 mid-flight meal
Toasted flatbread pizza with greek salad
Delta A350 Breakfast

The Baldthoughts

Overall, I enjoyed the new Delta Airlines A350 Suites and I would choose Delta over the other U.S. domestic carriers flying to Asia. I was expecting more of an upgraded menu since it’s Delta’s new flagship plane but the food service was on par with what I have flown on previous Delta ONE flights to Asia. Now, given the choice of flying Delta Airlines A350 Suites or an Asian airliner in business class, I would choose the Asian airliner because I feel they provide a better overall service.



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