Kimpton Properties Now Showing Up On IHG Website

Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel thumbs up from Timmy
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My good friend Angelina from send me a Tweet recently that Kimpton properties are now showing up on the IHG website.  The merger between Kimpton and IHG has closed, but the two chains (and reward programs) are still operating as two separate companies.

Booking a Kimpton room through IHG

After Angelina sent me the message, I visited the IHG website to see for myself.  Indeed, you can now select Kimpton as one of the options of brands in which to search from.

Kimpton brand on IHG website advanced search

And the Kimpton properties on the IHG website along with all of IHG’s other brands.  For example, searching in Huntington Beach on IHG’s website, you’ll find the Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel, which is one of our favorites!  It is close by our house, so we can do a little staycation there and they hooked us up BIG TIME for Timmy’s 5th birthday.

Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel on IHG website

However, when you click to book a Kimpton room, you are redirected to Kimpton’s website to book your reservation.

Kimpton redirect from IHG's website

When this will change?  I’m not sure.  But, this is just one of the many steps that IHG and Kimpton will be taking to integrate their brands.

Kimpton credit card benefits?

IHG has a good credit card from Chase, which provides Platinum level status and one free night each year for a low annual fee of $49.  It’s one of the best values in hotel credit cards.

Unfortunately, the card’s benefits and spending bonuses don’t yet carry over when staying at Kimpton.  I haven’t seen any indication of when, or if, that will ever occur.

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