Kimpton Inner Circle Status in Half The Stays with 2x Credits

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I’m a sucker for a sale on things I love.  And when Kimpton properties go on sale, with Double Stay Credits, I load up on reservations so I can easily renew my Inner Circle status and earn free hotel nights.



The fastest way to earn Kimpton Inner Circle status

Every year I look to earn Kimpton Karma Rewards Inner Circle status by accumulating 14 stays.  You can also earn Inner Circle by staying 40 nights, but I almost never stay at a hotel more than a couple of nights at a time, so earning status through stays is much easier for me than nights.

Whenever Kimpton offers promotions that provide Double Stay Credits, that’s when I book most of my reservations because it accelerates earning status and free nights.

If I can book 7 one-night stays during the Double Stay Credit promotion, then I will have earned Inner Circle status for 50% off the normal price.  #winning!!!



Free Kimpton night every 7 stays

Not only can you achieve Inner Circle status quicker with this promotion, you can also earn free nights twice as fast!  Kimpton Karma Rewards offers 1 free night every 7 stays.  So, if you were going to stay 7 times anyway on the way to Inner Circle status, you will earn 2 free nights instead of 1 thanks to the Double Stay credits.

Kimpton Solamar Virtuoso Suite bathroom
Kimpton Solamar Virtuoso Suite bathroom


Booking your Kimpton stays

You must be a Kimpton Karma Rewards member to qualify for this promotion.  Joining is free and is really quick, so click here to join Kimpton Karma Rewards.

To book your Kimpton Double Stay credit promotion reservations, use this link.

I’m planning on booking a number of reservations.  Here are the properties I’m looking to book nights at several of these hotels if I can fit them into the schedule.  Click on the links below to see the TripAdvisor reviews of the properties.

I already have reservations for the DC properties for the upcoming BoardingArea blogger conference in November, but I will look to rebook so I can receive double stay credits.  The rest of the properties I will attempt to book for January and February 2017 so they count towards renewing Inner Circle status.


Which credit should you use to book your Kimpton reservation?

Kimpton doesn’t have a co-branded credit card, so I have two cards to recommend based on how long you’ll be staying.  If you’re staying 3 nights or less, use the Barclaycard Arrival since you can redeem points for your stay at a 2% rate, plus you’ll receive a 5% rebate on the points redeemed.  When staying 4 nights or longer, the Citibank Prestige card is my choice because you’ll receive the 4th night free!  If you’d like to apply for either card, we would appreciate your support of the site by using our credit card referral links.


Here are the details of the promotion per the Kimpton website:

The Karma Rewards Annual Sale is here! Our biggest sale of the year starts now with rates from $119 + Double Stay Credit.

  • Getaway from October 13, 2016 – February 28, 2017
  • Book by October 16, 2016
  • Double Stay Credit
  • Rates and days of the week vary by hotel
  • Subject to availability
  • At participating hotels
  • Blackout dates apply
  • Karma Rewards Exclusive

Indulge in all the Kimpton perks:

  • Free WiFi and $10 ($15 in NYC) minibar/bar credit for all our Karma Rewards members
  • Nightly hosted evening wine hour
  • Complimentary morning coffee and tea service
  • Yoga mat in every room
  • Complimentary PUBLIC bikes
  • Even more wellness perks

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