Kimpton Everly Hotel – Stay like a Hollywood Movie Star

Kimpton Everly Hotel Scarlett glamour shot at pool featured image
Soaking up the California sun at the Kimpton Everly rooftop pool.
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One of the newest Kimpton Hotels is now in the heart of Hollywood.  The Kimpton Everly Hotel is just steps away from all of the glitz and glam of Hollywood and has an amazing rooftop pool that beckons you to chill and soak up the warm California sunshine.

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Booking at the Kimpton Everly Hotel

I was eagerly anticipating when the newest Kimpton Hotel would open up in Los Angeles.  It is fun to travel to explore Kimpton properties all over the US, but it is nice to have a few local properties to stay at when we just want a little staycation away from the house.

From some of our recent stays, I had earned a free night so we redeemed it for the first weekend that the Kimpton Everly Hotel was open in early August 2017.

If we hadn’t been using a free night, the room rates would have been $369 for the night.  To save money on travel, we always look to book during promotions and sales for the best rates possible.  The Kimpton Everly Hotel has a Grand Opening promotion that offers really great rates.  Check here for other promotions at the Everly.

And then there is always the Kimpton Annual Sale (ok, really it is twice a year) or the Kimpton Cyber Monday promotion that also offer some great discounts.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Deluxe King room rates August 5 2017

If you’d like to compare prices and read what other travelers have to say about the Kimpton Everly Hotel, please use our referral link to TripAdvisor to read the reviews.

Checking in to our room at the Kimpton Everly Hotel

As we arrived at the Kimpton Everly Hotel, we were surprised just how close it was to Hollywood Blvd and the Pantages Theater.  During Wine Hour we met people who were staying at the Everly for the installation of Hamilton at the Pantages.

Since we were in the heart of Los Angeles, parking is at a premium… and it is never free.  The valet parking is normally $42, but our parking was comp’d thanks to the Kimpton Summer Secret Password.

At check-in, we were delighted to find out that we were upgraded to an Everly Suite at no charge thanks to my Kimpton Karma Inner Circle status.  The Everly Suite and Argyle Suites are the best rooms at the Kimpton Everly Hotel and usually start at $400 or more per night.  During the peak summer season, these rooms can go for $500-$600+ a night, so we were really hooked up with a nice upgrade!

Our Upgrade to the Everly Suite

As we it to our upgraded room at the Kimpton Everly Hotel, we were impressed with how large the Everly Suite is.  A large sitting area awaits with an L-shaped couch and a desk.  Anna made herself at home right away putting on her bathing suit, wrapping up in one of the comfy Kimpton robes, and popping a beer.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Anna in robe getting ready for the pool vs

A Welcome Amenity perk was waiting for us with all of my usual favorites.  Some ice cold beers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and yogurt covered pretzels.  Because my kids were here with me, the staff at the Kimpton Everly Hotel also left a couple pairs of sunglasses and fidget spinners for them to play with.

And as an added surprise, a couple of trophies that look similar to the Oscars were there to celebrate being the first Inner Circle member to stay at the hotel.

Kimpton Everly Hotel welcome amenity 2017-08

From the room, there is a scenic view of the 101 Freeway, the Hollywood Hills, and the famous Hollywood sign.  It was especially pretty at night with all of the twinkling lights.

Kimpton Everly Hotel view of Hollywood Hills

Through sliding doors, you enter the large bedroom with a King-sized bed and views of the Hollywood Hills.  The decor was simple and a bit minimalist, yet elegant and had everything we needed.  A flat screen TV is to the right in this picture so you can watch TV without getting out of bed in the morning.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Everly Suite bedroom

The bathroom was top-notch.  I really like the new style of high-end hotel bathrooms where the bathtub is enclosed in the wet area with the shower.  What do you think of this trend?

Kimpton Everly Hotel bath time for Timmy and Scarlett

Here’s my video as we walk through the Everly Suite.

Kimpton Everly Hotel – 5th Floor Pool

On the 5th floor of the Kimpton Everly Hotel, there is a pool, some loungers, and a nice sitting area.  It overlooks Hollywood Blvd and you can see the Pantages Theater a block away.

Kimpton Everly Hotel 5th floor pool
It’s always sunny in California.

We’re going to be in big trouble with Scarlett.  This girl is already ready for the glitz and glam of Hollywood.  Watch out Hollywood, this girl is coming for you.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Scarlett glamour shot at pool

And here’s a little video I made with my new drone.  It was the first time I had used it, so the video wasn’t the best… but at least it gives you a little view of the rooftop lounge area.

Wine Hour at Kimpton Everly Hotel Ever Bar

Every evening from 5pm to 6pm, make sure you don’t miss out on Wine Hour.  It is a special tradition at every Kimpton Hotel where guests are invited to mingle with each other and hotel staff over glasses of wine.

For the Kimpton Everly Hotel, Wine Hour is held in the main lobby area and the wines are poured from the Ever Bar.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Ever Bar 2000x1000
Join me for Wine Hour at the Ever Bar.

There is plenty of seating, including a more intimate square room that is about 15′ x 15′ and lined with comfortable seating.

Kimpton Everly Hotel lobby and pool table

For the more gaming types, there is also a billiard table to pass the time.  Playing pool is where I met the fellows that were setting up Hamilton at the nearby Pantages Theater.

Jane Q

Jane Q is located down a flight of stairs from the main lobby.  It is an open-air setup that connects the Ever Bar, lobby seating area, and Jane Q.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Jane Q overview

In the evening, Anna and I shared a couple of beers and we were treated to a tasty little pizza from the oven.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Jane Q beer and pizza

As an Inner Circle member, whenever you dine at the on-site restaurant, you are presented with a Chef’s Surprise to whet your palette.  The bites were tasty morsels that Anna kept all to her self.  I could tell she liked them because she threatened to stab me with her fork if I touched either of them.  HAHA

Kimpton Everly Hotel Jane Q Chef's Surprise

In the morning, the free coffee that Kimpton offers all guests is served by Jane Q.  Inner Circle members that present their special key will get an upgrade to any type of coffee that they like.  Anna treated herself to a cappuccino and a pastry while I entertained the kids with donuts, milk, and juice.

Kimpton Everly Hotel Jane Q LA coffee and pastry
Doesn’t this look absolutely delicious?

The Bald Thoughts

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood.  It was a quick drive from our home in Orange County and the perfect location in Los Angeles for a little staycation.  We were impressed with the staff and the property, especially the uber-comfy towels located next to the pool.  The upgrade to the Everly Suite was an awesome touch and helped up the wow-factor of our stay.  We definitely look forward to coming back again soon!

Kimpton Everly Hotel Scarlett glamour shot at pool pinterest


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