JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain this Winter

JetSuiteX Burbank to Mammoth Timmy
Let's go to Mammoth!
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JetSuiteX is my preferred way to fly whenever I can.  At the end of last ski season, I bought a season pass for Mammoth Mountain so that I can take advantage of the epic snowboarding available there.  And with JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain this winter, I’ll be visiting Mammoth several times this ski season.

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JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain this Winter

Timmy and I had so much fun on our flight to Mammoth Mountain last winter.  It was his first time snowboarding and it was so much fun watching him learn how to snowboard at Mammoth Mountain.

JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain. JetSuiteX Burbank to Mammoth Timmy

JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain this Winter begin December 15th and are available on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays between Burbank and Mammoth Mountain.

Alex Wilcox, founder and CEO of JetSuiteX had this to say:

“We are thrilled to bring back our winter route between Burbank and Mammoth for weekend adventurers who want to enjoy getaways without the headache of getting there. Our customers travel in style and start their weekends from the moment they hand their keys to our valet or hop out of their rideshare in Burbank. They skip things like long airport lines, crowded cattle-call boarding and dreaded tire chains en route to Mammoth aboard our comfortable jets, arriving refreshed and ready to ski, skate or relax in the mountain air.”

And John Urdi Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s Executive Director is excited to have JetSuiteX offering flights for the second year:

“Going into our second year working with JetSuiteX, we couldn’t ask for a better experience for our guests. The first class treatment provides an amazing travel experience that leaves our guests telling all their friends about it. If you haven’t flown JetSuiteX yet, you need to add it to your travel plans for this winter.”

The flight to Mammoth Mountain from Burbank is only 70 minutes… just enough time for a couple of complimentary beverages (including adult beverages) and some gourmet snacks while browsing the free wifi from your comfy leather seats.

JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain. Timmy on empty JetSuiteX plane
Timmy on empty JetSuiteX plane

You’ll avoid the nasty TSA security lines that we normally dread because you’re using private airport terminals.  Literally, if you can arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure, you’re good to go!  How cool is that?

And when you use my referral link, you’ll save $20 on your flight of $129 or more.  This is way better than flying Economy, for just a few bucks more.

Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets

And so we’re excited to build upon last year by traveling to Mammoth Mountain several times this ski season.  Mammoth Mountain season passes start at $359 for kids and $999 for adults.  Daily lift tickets directly from Mammoth Mountain start at $64 for kids and $159 for adults.

JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Mountain snowboard lessons Day 2 with coach Mike 2000px
Timmy getting snowboard lessons with Coach Mike.

To save some money, consider buying multi-day passes from Mammoth Mountain, where you can save up to 40% when you buy 7 days in advance and 5 days’ worth of lift tickets.

With Liftopia, you can buy Mammoth Mountain 3 of 4-day lift tickets from $74/day (save 16%).  I’ve bought from Liftopia before and have saved some serious money on lift tickets.

Where to stay at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is a pretty small town, so your options are a little limited for name brand hotel chains.  Here are some of the best hotels at Mammoth Mountain:

  • The Westin Monache Resort at Mammoth – a quick search found prices for $254 per night and points reservations start at 12K points per night.  This resort is great because it is right at the Mammoth gondola.
  • Best Western Plus High Sierra – a quick search found prices for $193 per night and points reservations start at 36K points per night.
  • Alpenhof Lodge – a quick search found prices for $130 per night.  No points reservations available, but you can book using your Barclarycard Arrival or other bank points to save money.  Timmy and I stayed here last year and it was in a perfect location across the street from the Village.
  • Mammoth Mountain Inn – a quick search found prices as low as $159.  No points reservations available.  You get a free shuttle from the airport when staying at resorts affiliated with Mammoth Mountain.

For the best rates on other local hotels, please use our referral links to check rates & book now at | Expedia | | Priceline | Travelocity.

The Bald Thoughts

If you’re looking for a killer mountain experience, the combination of Mammoth Mountain and JetSuiteX are exactly what you’re looking for.  You’ll get spoiled in luxury during your 70-minute flight on JetSuiteX and then experience some of the best snow California has to offer from Mammoth Mountain.  Make sure you take advantage of JetSuiteX flights to Mammoth Mountain this Winter… it is wayyyyy better than the 6-hour drive.

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  1. Lee,
    I typically fly into Reno when going to Mammoth. (coming from STL)
    How does the airline handle weather issues? I could see them not leaving to go to Mammoth if it’s dumping there but what’s happens if you are in Mammoth trying to get out and there’s no plane due to weather?

    • Hey Patrick, here’s the response from my contacts at JetSuiteX:

      “…thanks to JetSuiteX’s aircraft and operation, they have the capability to divert to Bishop instead of Mammoth in case of weather issues. JetSuiteX will provide a complimentary shuttle bus for passengers to/from Bishop if the aircraft is required to divert due to weather. Of course, in the event of a dramatic weather situation, there is always the possibility of cancellation, as is always the case in aviation. However, JetSuiteX is committed to doing everything they can given the flexibility of their aircraft to get customers in and out.”

      So, it seems that JetSuiteX would use a nearby alternative airport if necessary. If weather became too bad, as with all airlines, they would have to cancel the flight. But, JetSuiteX is committed to doing the right thing for their customers.

      Thanks for the great question.

    • JetSuiteX still performs security screenings. However, like any private jet experience, the screening is much less invasive than what you experience at the airport when flying with the major carriers. I’ve never felt unsafe at all on the many times I’ve flown with JetSuiteX.


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