JetBlue New St Kitts Route, AA Adjusts Free Checked Bags Policy, Skiplagging Horror Story

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FAA Issues Ground Delays for Two Airports Due to Wildfire Smoke.

The fires in Canada are so bad that it’s impacting visibility in some parts of the U.S. Visibility is so bad in some areas that the FAA issued a ground stop at two U.S. airports to prevent a disaster. If you’ve seen the photos online, New York looks like a post-nuclear wasteland with its ominous orange sky. While the delays are hurting travelers, it is the right thing to do.

American Airlines Axes Free Checked Bag On International Basic Economy Tickets.

Basic Economy tickets are no-frills options that offer a low price in exchange for giving up some of the “basics” we’re used to having when we fly. While Basic Economy tickets don’t provide free checked bags on domestic flights, they were included on international fares. Until now. AA just eliminated this benefit, so you’ll have to start paying $75 extra to take a bag since Basic Economy also doesn’t allow you to bring them onboard. In some cases, the savings may be erased by the extra fees you’ll pay.

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Photo courtesy of American Airlines.

You Can Fly to This Quaint Caribbean Island for Under $200 Thanks to This New JetBlue Route.

Tickets are now on sale for JetBlue flights to St Kitts. Service starts November 2, 2023, and the flight is just under five hours from New York’s JFK. Tickets start at just $209 each way, and you can save an extra $30 if you’re willing to travel in Basic Economy. The airline is also launching service from Boston to Grenada starting in November and New York to Belize in December.

I tried ‘skiplagging’ to save $200 on flight tickets, but it was a nightmare experience — and I’ll never use this travel hack again.

Thanks to reader Mike B. for sharing this article. I typically avoid skiplagging due to the risks, but it can make sense for some travelers. If you are going to try this strategy, you need to pack light. While most flights allow you to bring a bag onboard, this author found out the hard way that you may have to gate-check your bag to the final destination. The best option is to squeeze everything into a small bag or backpack that fits under the seat… or wear multiple layers that you take off once you’re in your seat.

Raffles making U.S. debut in ‘ideal entry point’ of Boston.

This high-end hotel chain is part of the Accor brand of hotels, and it is well-known internationally. The Boston location will be its entry to the U.S. market. Although the brand only has 18 hotels across the world, I’m sure this will only be the first of many to open in the U.S. Raffles Boston is taking reservations for stays starting in September. Book now if you’re interested in a luxury experience.

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