JetBlue Big Winter Sale, Exclusive Disney+ Benefits, First U.S. Raffles Opens in Boston

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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our research to share the best travel tips, tricks, and news with you. Here are the articles for Friday, January 5, 2024, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

Dirty Little Secrets: Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper.

While most travelers barely say hello to housekeepers as they walk through the halls, this article shares excerpts from an in-depth interview. There’s a lot that goes on inside hotel rooms that you really don’t want to know about. Bottom line: be nice to the hotel staff. They can make or break your stay.

JetBlue’s Big Winter Sale is back, with one-way fares starting at $39, including transatlantic availability.

Don’t miss out on the JetBlue Big Winter Sale. You can book flights for as low as $39 for huge savings on your upcoming vacations. Flights to Europe are also on sale, so book now to get the best deals. Sale ends January 10th.

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Photo courtesy of JetBlue

How paying $7.99 a month can save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip to Disney World.

While Disney+ is a great way to keep my kids entertained (and for me to watch Marvel movies), it now includes additional benefits. Subscribers get exclusive perks and discounts that can save hundreds off your Orlando vacation. You might even get Disney dining packages for free when you book a participating hotel.

Budget airfares a bargain to start the year.

Save extra money on flights with these bargain airlines. Hopper economist says that January is the cheapest month to book travel until after summer. So, book some trips today to save extra money on 2024 vacations.

Raffles Just Opened Its First North American Hotel — and It’s One of the Best Places I’ve Ever Stayed.

Many travelers aren’t familiar with the Raffles brand from Accor. This premium hotel brand has just 21 locations, and they’re located in some of the most popular tourist destinations. Cities include Paris, London, Singapore and Bali. Boston is the first Raffles in the U.S., and the pictures look amazing. From what I know of Accor, its loyalty program isn’t as lucrative as Hyatt or Hilton. But you can take advantage of Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits to get extra perks on your stay. Learn more about the hidden benefits of the Amex Platinum.

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