Travel isn’t always for pleasure: Humanitarian Travel

I'm looking forward to helping families like this boy's.
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On Wednesday, I will be leaving for 2 weeks with a non-profit humanitarian travel group located here in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Youthlinc to serve the people of Guatemala. As I’ve discovered in my travels, there are so many people here around the world that do not have it as great as we do in the United States. Being only 23 years old, I feel like I have so much more to give to this world than I already have. During the trip, I will be mentoring a group of 8 students, and I couldn’t be more excited.


What we will be doing during our Humanitarian Travel

Many people associate humanitarian travel with hard, manual labor. We will be building more sustainable living conditions for them through energy-friendly appliances we have purchased. While we will be doing some work to help out the people of Guatemala, is so much more.

We will also be spending a good portion of our day teaching English lessons to kids in the village we will be volunteering in.

Humanitarian Travel boy-1006213_1920
I’m looking forward to helping families like this boy’s.


Additionally, we will be creating business models for locals to create revenue streams for their families. By comparison, the average Guatemalan family lives on about $300 A YEAR.

We will be serving them, while we get to understand their struggles and their culture.


For those interested in Humanitarian Travel

The internet is a great equalizer. There are so many opportunities that are readily available for organizations large and small. If you’d like to experience humanitarian travel to assist others less fortunate, check out organizations such as Youthlinc, Choice Humanitarian, and Project Abroad.

The opportunities to help out the less fortunate are endless. And you can help out people in foreign countries or even in your own backyard.


Earning miles & points for Humanitarian Travel

Unfortunately, I was unable to book my flights with miles. Most humanitarian travel organizations are non-profit and book as a group to save money on costs.

On the plus side, I was able to attach my Delta Sky Miles account number to earn miles on the flight.

I plan on visiting both the Delta SkyClub lounge and one of the Priority Pass Lounges at LAX during our layover. We recently visited The Club at MCO thanks to Priority Pass and had a great time there.

Humanitarian Travel
Enjoying a drink at The Club at MCO


Working with high school kids will definitely be an energy-depleting experience so I want a little bit of luxury. Look forward to those airport lounge reviews in the next few weeks!


The Bald Thoughts

While we all love splurging on 5-star vacations away from our busy lives, sometimes you need to take a step back to realize there are so many people around the world that can use our help. Many of us are extremely fortunate in our lives, and we can all do something small to make a large impact through humanitarian travel.

Have you ever traveled to help out someone less fortunate? What was your experience like?

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  1. Good luck. It sounds like an awesome opportunity. I’m getting ready to go on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks.

    Like you, the non profit booked the tickets as a group so I couldn’t use miles for it.

    I will be on Delta as well so I’ll get to check out the Sky Clubs as well.

    I hope you have a great experience.


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