How to get $100 off your next hotel reservation

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I avoid paying for hotel rooms as much as possible, but there are some situations where it doesn’t make sense to use points.  When that happens, I use HotelTonight to book my hotel reservations to save big time off of normal prices.  With this special promotion you can save up to an extra $100 off your next reservation.

What is HotelTonight?

HotelTonight is an app that allows you to book hotel reservations up to 1 week in advance of your stay.  Because you are booking last minute, they are able to offer killer deals on your reservations because hotels don’t want their rooms sitting empty.

Even if the hotel gives you a 50% discount… that’s better than getting 100% of $0 from an empty room!

Pro Tip: Please note that stays booked through the HotelTonight app generally do not qualify for stay credits nor do they earn loyalty points because the rooms are so discounted.  So, when looking at your hotel options, consider whether not earning miles or stay credits is worth the discounted price you are paying.

What types of hotels and rooms are available from HotelTonight?

From what my searches have revealed, HotelTonight offers 6 different types of hotels/rooms:

  • Basic
  • Solid
  • Charming
  • Luxe
  • Hip
  • High Roller

I’ve seen discounts range from small 5% to 70%, such as what you can see below from a screenshot of the app when searching Las Vegas properties.

HotelTonight Las Vegas hotels
Sample of Las Vegas hotels

When I searched Las Vegas, I found 16 properties available for tonight, ranging from the lowly Circus Circus ($79, a $50 discount) to the high-end The Cromwell Parlour Suite ($449, no discount).  There were plenty of properties in between, such as The Mirage, Hard Rock, The Cosmopolitan, Palms Casino Resort, and the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas.

Get $25 off with my promo code

With my referral link and promo code “LHUFFMAN14“, you’ll receive $25 off your reservation.  Keep in mind that your booking must have a total room reservation charge of $135 or greater (before taxes and fees) for this code to apply.

How to save another $100 off your next reservation

HotelTonight is partnering with ApplePay to offer up to $100 off your next reservation.  All you have to do is book your reservation on a Tuesday for ANY day available on the app, use the promo code “TRAVELTUESDAY”, and pay for the reservation using ApplePay.

From the HotelTonight website:

To save some extra cash (up to $100!) off our already-discounted deals, redeem promo code TRAVELTUESDAY on any Tuesday through August 30, 2016 for a roulette-style coupon. You’ll get $20, $40 or $100 off when you book with Apple Pay… open the app and redeem the code to find out what you get!

Note: code must be redeemed on a Tuesday but can be used to book any day of the week until it expires! $150 minimum spend required. See below or go here for all the details.

When you go to the app, there will be a roulette-style coupon which will give you an additional $20, $40, or $100 off your reservation when you meet the minimum spend of $150.

Updated: I had to wait until Tuesday so I could grab my code, so I logged on at 12:01am Tuesday morning.  To enter your promo code, click on the person icon in the bottom right corner of the HotelTonight app, then click “Promotions” from the menu.  When you submit the “TRAVELTUESDAY” promo code, you’ll find out immediately which of the three discounts are applied to your account and are good through September 15, 2016.

HotelTonight TravelTuesday promotion
I received an additional $20 off my next reservation.

The Fine Print

Limited quantity. Offer subject to availability. Offer code must be redeemed on Tuesday June 28, July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2, August 9, August 16, August 23 or August 30, 2016, by 11:59PM local time. Cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to existing bookings. Booking must be made with Apple Pay and applies stays from today through September 15, 2016. $150 minimum spend required. Offer only applies to first time bookings made in the app. Limited to 1 booking per device. Coupons may not be applied to all reservations. Check the “Need to Know” section of the hotel details page to see if a property does not qualify for coupon use.

The Bottom Line

Since you can cancel most hotel reservations up to 24-72 hours prior to arrival, use the HotelTonight app to see if you can score an even better deal that what you’ve booked.  Just remember that HotelTonight reservations generally don’t receive stay credits nor do they earn hotel loyalty points.  However, if you can save 25-50% off the room rate, it might be worth skipping the loyalty benefits.


  1. What’s up with the title? Or should I say, what’s not “up” with the title? I know! The word “up”. You should always include the “up to $100” in the language of the title if that is the offer. You gave the “click bait” appearance that you want just the click through. Offer always has less value when there is an “up to” in the offer because very few qualify for the max.
    You got me to click this time. This is my first and last visit to your site. Shouldn’t be playing the click bait game unless you only want one time click throughs.

    • I will make sure to include the “up to” in the title next time. I’m a long-term player, so there’s no desire to be “click bait” and upset readers. Will everyone get the $100 discount code? No. But you’ll still get a fantastic discount off of the hotel’s normal rates using HotelTonight’s last minute rates, the extra $25 off using my referral code, and the $20 $40 or $100 with the “traveltuesday” code.

      I’d venture to say that, even with only the $20 or $25 promo code discount, when you compare mid-level hotel rack rates vs. the discounted price you pay, there’s still a strong likelihood that you’ll indeed save $100 on your next hotel booking.

      Here are the latest examples for Vegas (that qualify with $135 or greater rate) from the HotelTonight app:
      Renaissance Las Vegas – rack $199, HT $161 – $25 promo = $136 = $63 discount
      The Cromwell – rack $215, HT $189 – $25 promo = $164 = $51 discount
      Four Seasons – rack $359, HT $280 – $25 promo = $255 = $104 discount
      Palms Place Hotel – rack $250, HT $159 – $25 promo = $134 = $116 discount

      These examples resulted in an average of an $83.50 discount when using my $25 promo code… which can be increased to $40 or even $100 using the “TravelTuesday” promo code, which would result in the $100 savings on your next hotel reservation when using HotelTonight.

      Kirk, you won’t see my response, since you’ve vowed never to return… but, if you do read this somehow, please know I always appreciate feedback (positive or constructive/negative) as I work to improve my site every day to be better than it was the day before. Happy travels to you.

    • Hi Benji, unfortunately, you must choose between stay credits/points and the discounted rate. Just like when you book with Hotwire, Priceline, and some other sites, there are instances where stay credits and points post from a stay, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      There’s a passage in the post that addresses this – “Please note that stays booked through the HotelTonight app generally do not qualify for stay credits nor do they earn loyalty points because the rooms are so discounted. So, when looking at your hotel options, consider whether not earning miles or stay credits is worth the discounted price you are paying.”

        • Sorry about that, I misunderstood what question you were asking. From what I understand, it varies by hotel, but they are not required to offer your elite benefits when booking through HotelTonight. The same thing happens when you book with Hotwire and Priceline… you give up certain benefits in exchange for the discounted room. Depending upon your status level (and it seems like you are a higher level, like Hyatt Diamond), this may or may not be a deal-breaker for you.

    • Hi William, you’ll find out which discount you get before you book a reservation. I had to wait until 12:01am to log on and grab a screenshot of my discount. I updated the post with my screenshot. As soon as you enter the “TRAVELTUESDAY” promo code and click submit, the discount will be applied to your account. Then you can decide whether or not the promotion is worth using based on price and what other benefits you may be giving up. Keep in mind that the discount code is only good through September 15, 2016.


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