Hertz Dream Cars – Tesla for $149 a day!

Hertz Dream Cars. Hertz Promo Codes
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You may thinks of brands like Hertz when you’re looking to rent an economical car on your next vacation.  But did you know that Hertz Dream Cars is a way to drive amazing cars without signing up for huge payments?  The Tesla Model S is the latest dream car to be added to the lineup.  And, best of all, most of the Hertz promo codes below work with these gorgeous rides!

Hertz Dream Cars Tesla Model S. Hertz Promo Codes


What are Hertz Dream Cars?

Hertz Dream Cars is an affordable way to test drive luxury cars without committing to a long-term loan or lease.  The selection varies from location to location, but there are now 17 choices with the latest addition of the Tesla Model S.

For a limited time, the Tesla Model S can be rented for only $149 per day!  That’s over $100 off the normal daily rate.  This offer is subject to availability at participating airport locations in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco through March 31, 2017.

Hertz Dream Cars. Hertz Promo Codes

The choices include:

  • 3 – BMW’s
  • 1 – Jaguar
  • 1- Land Rover
  • 5 – Mercedes Benz’
  • 6 – Porsche’s
  • 1 – Tesla

Which one would you want to drive?


Hertz Promo Codes

Whether you are renting one of the Hertz Dream Cars, a minivan, or an economy car, here are some great promo codes that will save on your next rental:


The Bald Thoughts

I’m perfectly happy driving my paid off Tahoe on a daily basis, but when I see some of the luxury cars, I certainly dream of driving one.  Instead of getting into a car loan or lease with $1,000+ a month payments for the next few year, I’d rather take that money and travel.  To satisfy the desire of owning a high-end car, it is nice to know that Hertz Dream Cars are a relatively affordable option.  Use one of the Hertz promo codes above to save on your rental.

I’d love to rent a sweet sports car for the day and drive up and down Pacific Coast Highway on a beautiful day while soaking up the sun and enjoying the salty ocean breeze.

Which of the Hertz Dream Cars would you choose?  Where would you drive it?



  1. Looking to rent a Tesla from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale. Do you offer that option?

    Please call me [phone number redacted].


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