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A few days ago, I was lucky enough to make a return visit to the Stacking Benjamin’s podcast.  Last time, we talked about surprising travel hacks.  This episode, we focused on an upcoming IPO, a safer retirement, and taking charge of your credit.

What is the Stacking Benjamins podcast?

StackingBenjamins_Podcast 150x150The Stacking Benjamins podcast is hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy, a former financial advisor, and OG, a still-practicing advisor, whose identity is hidden so he can provide his authentic opinion without jeopardizing his career.

The show has been likened to the Car Talk show on NPR, except with a personal finance focus.

I learned about the show from Paula Pant at Afford Anything shortly after she joined the show as a regular “round table” participant.

The show starts off with a discussion between Joe and OG about recent articles from around the Internet, then it goes into the Round Table, and ends with letters from readers.  Once that’s done, Joe and OG talk about which movies or TV shows they’ve watched.  And, if you pay attention, you may get some dessert.

Who else was on the podcast?

This week, I was joined by Greg of Control Your Cash, who is a regular on the show, and Katie Brewer of Your Richest Life Planning, who is a Dallas-based financial planner.  I had the pleasure of meeting both Joe and Katie at FinCon in New Orleans in September 2014.  They are both awesome people… so if you get the chance to meet them, you’ll be glad!

And, if you like to read books, check out Greg’s book, Control Your Cash, available on Amazon through this link…

When will the podcast be available?

After I was on podcast #121, the episode aired within a week or two.  I will definitely let you know when it gets released!  In the meantime, check out my last appearance.

Podcast 121: Play in new window | Download


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