Is This Real? 100% Off Flights With Promo Code TROPICAL

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I received an email from Barry Biffle, the CEO of Frontier Airlines, this evening offering 100% off my next flight. Although I haven’t flow Frontier in years, it’s hard to pass up a free flight, right? With the Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL, you’ll receive 100% off select flights to the Caribbean and Central America. But is the flight really free?

Frontier Airlines Promo Code TROPICAL

For round trip flights purchased between now and December 24, 2021, 11:59 PM Eastern, you’ll receive 100% off the price of your flight. This offer is good for both “nonstop and connect travel on select days of the week, for international points and points in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.”

Additionally, this offer is good for flights from January 6, 2022, through February 16, 2022. Some blackout dates do apply. For example, travel around Martin Luther King weekend (January 13-17, 2022) is exempt.

Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL

The Fine Print

While this discount sounds amazing, it applies only to the base fare. Fees and taxes are exempt and must be paid to book a flight. There is other limiting language with this promotion, which can be found on the Frontier website.

Examples of Frontier Airlines Promo Code TROPICAL

Here are a few examples that I looked up to see what the real pricing would be with this promo code. I picked flight dates in late January 2022 – a 7-day vacation from Saturday, January 22 through Saturday, January 29.

Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL Orlando to Antigua
Without this promotion, flights to Antigua on the same dates were $165 roundtrip.
Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL Orlando to Belize
Flights to Belize City on the same dates were $201 roundtrip without the promo code TROPICAL.
Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL Orlando to Cancun
Without this promotion, flights to Cancun on the same dates were $151 roundtrip.

Flight Add-Ons Always Increase Frontier Flight Costs

The thing to remember with Frontier is that you are charged for many of the items that are free with other airlines. Adding on even just a few of these items can turn a cheap flight into something more expensive than it is worth.

Bundles called The PERKS and The WORKS allow you to buy several upgrades together for a lower price. I did an analysis of The WORKS a while back to help you decide is The WORKS is worth it?

Frontier Airlines The WORKS Bundle December 2021

If you took advantage of the Frontier Status Match last December or the current status match promotion, many or all of these benefits are free for you. Even if you just fly Frontier once in the next year, paying the $49 for the status match is totally worth it. Eliminating all of the nickel-and-dime fees, plus the opportunity to reserve the Big Front Seat to have extra room is money well spent.

Is The Frontier Airlines Promo Code TROPICAL Worth It?

Although the flights really aren’t free (aka 100% off) as the Frontier Airlines email and website suggest, they are still a pretty amazing deal. Being able to book a round-trip flight to the Caribbean or Central America for around $200 or less is pretty amazing. Even if it means that you’re flying Frontier vs. your preferred airline.

Keep in mind that some destination pairs have limited flights, so availability may not match up with your travel plans. I was able to find numerous flights on Saturdays, but some destinations don’t have flights during the week. If you have flexibility in your schedule, the Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL can be an awesome way to escape the winter weather to chill out on the beach.

Which Credit Card to Book Your Flights?

Just remember that Frontier doesn’t have interline agreements with other airlines in case a flight is delayed or canceled. This means that you might get stuck until the next flight comes available. However, people that I’ve talked to at Frontier corporate say that they have policies in place to take care of passengers in case a flight is delayed or canceled.

To be safe, your best bet is to book with a travel or airline credit card that offers trip delay and trip interruption/cancellation protection. This protection kicks in to cover travel costs in case your flight is canceled or delayed more than a set number of hours. The last thing you want to tell your boss is “hey, I’m stuck down in the Caribbean, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

The travel credit card I use to book all of my flights is the Chase Sapphire Reserve because it offers these benefits whether you paid cash or booked with miles (and only paid the taxes with the card).

The Bald Thoughts

Travel deals like this one are rarely as good as they seem on the surface. You can still save a bunch of money with the Frontier Airlines promo code TROPICAL, just not as much as they advertise.

Are you planning on using this deal for a winter getaway? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I prefer my CSR but obviously, you would use your Amex platinum with Frontier as your preferred airline. That $200 credit would likely pay for the $49 elite status match (maybe) but it would pick up most of the other add-on’s and would give nearly the same travel protections as the CSR. Plus likely 5x on other airfare.

  2. Hey Lee! I’m flying out of MCO and selecting the destinations per the terms and conditions. I’ve gotten zero help from Frontier customer service. What exact dates RT worked for you? Any suggestions would help, thank you!!


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