Foodie Tour of Bowling Green, Kentucky: Tasty Steaks, Cinnamon Rolls & Baked Treats

Montana Grille Bowling Green exterior
Entrance to Montana Grille in Bowling Green
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During our visit to Bowling Green, Kentucky, we avoided the normal fast food spots so that we could try some of the local flavors. We decided to do a foodie tour of Bowling Green in between visiting all of the amazing attractions in the city. Not only did we enjoy the food, but Timothy found two new foods that are now among his favorites. As a Dad, I couldn’t be prouder!

Tasty meals during our foodie tour of Bowling Green

One of the best things to do in Bowling Green with kids is to check out the local restaurants. We love trying out restaurants that we can’t find anywhere else. They offer character and flavor that is true to the city we’re visiting.

Big thanks to Beth from Visit Bowling Green for her amazing suggestions for us to try. We appreciate the opportunity to work together to help promote this fun destination for families.

Montana Grille

Montana Grille is a premier steakhouse that features a Bourbon Tenderloin Filet. As soon as I saw that on the menu, I knew we’d visit here for at least one meal. I ordered the steak and it was delicious.

Best things to do in Bowling Green with kids. Montana Grille filet mignon
Kentucky Bourbon Tenderloin Filet Mignon with garlic mashed potatoes

Most restaurants bring out a basket of bread for the table. At Montana Grille, they deliver a cast-iron skillet with jalapeno cornbread. It provides a spicy little kick to get your taste buds ready for a gourmet meal.

Foodie Tour of Bowling Green. Montana Grille skillet jalapeno corn bread
Skillet jalapeno cornbread

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Double Dogs

Double Dogs is a sports bar with excellent food and plenty of outdoor seating. This is a regional chain that has locations in Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, and Knoxville. The menu is kitschy with a cute dog theme, but don’t let the words fool you. There’s a ton of tasty options on the menu, ranging from hot dogs to wings to gourmet burgers and more.

Double Dogs back patio
Enjoy the fresh air and stay warm with the heat lamps

We ate out on the back patio under the heat lamps. This gave us the socially-distanced space we were looking for while keeping us warm from the cold winter air. Scarlett and I both ordered chicken fingers, while Timmy had a grilled cheese. In keeping with the dog theme, their kids’ meals were served in dog dishes.

Double Dogs kids meal Scarlett
Scarlett approves

Mister B’s Pizza & Wings

After a full day of exploring and seeing the Twinkle at the Track Christmas lights, it was late when we finally got around to eating dinner. Several of the places that we had hoped to visit were closed, so I turned to Yelp to look at what was available. The food at Mister B’s Pizza & Wings looked delicious, but reviews indicated that the environment might not be good for kids. I’m glad that I ignored the reviews because we had a great time and the service was excellent.

Scarlett and I ordered the pizza…

Best things to do in Bowling Green with kids. Mister B's Pizza & Wings thin crust pepperoni pizza Scarlett
The thin crust pepperoni pizza was delicious

… while Timmy was introduced to baked spaghetti. When it was delivered from the kitchen, he pronounced that it was his new favorite food since it combined two of the foods that he loves – pizza and spaghetti.

Foodie Tour of Bowling Green. Mister B's Pizza & Wings baked spaghetti
Timothy’s new favorite dish – baked spaghetti

What impressed me most though, was the service. Zeke was always attentive and on the spot whenever we needed something. Yes, it was a sports bar environment and not Chuck E Cheese’s, but our family felt totally comfortable at Mister B’s and look forward to returning again.

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Great American Donut Shop

The kids love grabbing donuts in the morning. They get to choose from all of the variety, and I’m happy to have something quick and inexpensive so we can get a fast start on our day. The Great American Donut Shop is affectionately known around town as “GAD.” They have a lot of different styles of donuts available, including seasonal varieties.

Great American Donut Shop

Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs specializes in imaginative twists on classic breakfast dishes. Although this location serves “mocktails,” you can order Bloody Mary’s and other adult beverages at other Wild Eggs locations if you’re in the mood for brunch. Although they serve all three meals, we visited for breakfast. Wild Eggs began in Louisville in 2007. It has been voted the best “hot brown” in Kentucky by USA Today and best brunch in Louisville.

Best things to do in Bowling Green with kids. Wild Eggs pancakes Scarlett
Scarlett approves of the pancakes

The kids and I had the basics of pancakes and eggs, but we splurged on a huge cinnamon roll that is baked in a skillet. This thing was massive and tasted amazing!

Foodie Tour of Bowling Green. Wild Eggs skillet cinnamon roll
The skillet cinnamon roll at Wild Eggs is so good.

Riley’s Bakery

No foodie tour of Bowling Green, Kentucky, is complete without a visit to Riley’s Bakery. They have been serving the Bowling Green community since 1943. When you walk inside, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the 1950s. They’re best known for made-from-scratch sweets like brownies, cream horns, Hungarian coffee cake, and tea cookies. You can even order tea cookies to be mailed to you from their website.

Best things to do in Bowling Green with kids. Riley's Bakery - entrance

Before we left town, I stopped by to grab a few sweet treats for the kids and me, plus a couple of extras to bring home to Anna.

Foodie Tour of Bowling Green. Riley's Bakery - sheet cake
I don’t remember what flavor this cake was, but it looks amazing.

Hickory & Oak

One of the best things to do in Bowling Green is to splurge on a fabulous meal. Hickory & Oak is a perfect date night restaurant with unique flavors and dining options. The bar area features a trendy wall of spirits with an old-time touch of seats that swivel out of the way when not in use.

We arrived early for our dinner reservations, so we sat at the bar while I ordered a drink and some fries for the kids. My God, this was the biggest pile of fries that I’ve ever seen. The fries were covered in salt and pepper. Normally, the kids balk at so much seasoning, but they devoured them.

Hickory & Oak - pile of french fries with Timothy and Scarlett
Timothy and Scarlett with a pile of french fries

I ordered a 10-ounce filet to share with Anna, while Timmy ordered the Filet Top Ramen. My steak was incredible with just the right amount of char and a sprinkle of salt on top.

Foodie Tour of Bowling Green. Hickory & Oak 10 ounce filet mignon
My 10-ounce filet mignon cooked to perfection

Timmy’s bowl of ramen was bigger than his head. He was so happy with his meal, but there was no way he could finish all of that food. We saved some to bring home to Anna.

Hickory & Oak - Filet Top Ramen and Timothy
Timothy with his Filet Top Ramen

Hickory & Oak has a 6-ounce Wagyu steak option on the menu. It’s a bit out of my budget at $100, but you can order a 1-ounce slice for $20. Since it’s the holidays, I splurged a little and ordered a slice to share among the kids and me. I don’t think the kids understood what they were eating, but I sure enjoyed it.

Hickory & Oak - 1 ounce Wagyu bite
A 1-ounce Wagyu bite

A unique option at Hickory & Oak is called The Chef’s Table. It is an intimate dining event where Chef Josh will curate a personalized dining experience based on your food preferences. The meal will include several courses and drink pairings and remains a complete surprise until the night of service. I’d love to do something like for Anna for her birthday or some other special occasion.

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The Bald Thoughts

Trying local foods is a big part of the travel experience. Although we love many of the national brands, we try to focus on local culinary options as much as possible wherever we go. My steaks were mouth-watering and, of course, I found some pizza to try. The kids enjoyed all of their meals and it was so cool to see Timmy try new foods that he really liked. Hopefully, as Scarlett gets older, we’ll be able to order her more than just pancakes, chicken fingers, and french fries. HAHA The next time you travel, I encourage you to support local restaurants and try something new.

What’s your favorite meal in Bowling Green, Kentucky? I’ll add it to my list for our next visit.

If you’re interested in planning a trip to Bowling Green, visit their website to view some sample itineraries for inspiration. And look out for upcoming events, like the Bourbon & Brewfest Tasting Session on January 16th, Yoga then Wine! on January 29th, and Glasgow Highland Games on June 4th. Or request the free visitor’s guide for even more attractions and foodie options.


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