Fly Private to Mammoth Mountain with JetSuiteX for $79

JetSuiteX Timmy's first private jet flight to Mammoth
Ready to fly to Mammoth
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My 5-year old son Timothy and I just returned from an awesome weekend on the slopes at Mammoth Mountain. It was his first time snowboarding, and we had a blast! Rather than drive 5 or 6 hours from our home, we flew JetSuiteX for $99 per person each way. And flights are still available this season for as little as $79! Mammoth has the best snow in California, so take advantage while you can.

JetSuiteX Burbank to Mammoth Mountain Timmy
Timmy about to have his first JetSuiteX experience.


Our $99 Flight to Mammoth Mountain

Although our flight from Burbank to Mammoth was scheduled for 4:20 pm, we had a heck of time getting to the airport in time. Timmy had a school performance at 2 pm, and we rushed out the door immediately afterward. I was scared because the GPS said our arrival time was 4:13 pm versus our flight departure time of 4:20 pm! Luckily, we hit a few carpool lanes along the way and arrived right at 4 pm. Whew!!!

With other airlines, this still would have been a problem due to TSA security checkpoints and all that nonsense. However, with JetSuiteX, you show up, valet your car, and literally walk right up to the plane after they’ve swabbed your ID and bags. The whole process takes about 3 minutes!

JetSuiteX Burbank almost time to board for Mammoth Mountain
Seriously… this is your TSA security line at JetSuiteX


Our flight to Mammoth Mountain was actually pretty full. In the past, JetSuiteX flights I’ve taken have had no more than 6 other people on board. This time, almost every one of the 30 seats were full. The massive amount of snow in Mammoth must be motivating everyone to go boarding and skiing.

Timmy on empty JetSuiteX plane at Mammoth Mountain
Timmy on empty JetSuiteX plane


And one of the best things about flying into Mammoth… is that you’ll never have to worry about snowy or icy conditions closing the 395 freeway.


Save Big Time on Lift Tickets

If you buy your lift tickets at Mammoth Mountain, you’ll pay $149 per day as an adult. Multi-day packages are $265 for a “2 of 4 day” (ski two days out of four) or $373 for “3 of 5 day”. I bought my lift tickets from Liftopia, which allowed me to ski 3 days out of 5 and saved almost 50%. My lift tickets were only $193 vs $373 on the mountain.

If you want to save money on lift tickets, use this Liftopia promo code link where you can save up to 80%. Quantities are limited, so buy early for the best deal.


Flights to Mammoth for $79 each way

During the current JetSuiteX fare sale, you can book flights for as little as $79 each way! I even booked flights to Las Vegas for $79 for a conference for work. Most dates have flights ranging from $79 to $129 each way. A killer deal for a private jet experience. If those dates don’t work for you, use my referral link to save $20 off your next flight of $129 or more.

JetSuiteX Burbank to Mammoth Mountain for $79 each way


The Bald Thoughts

If you’re going to ski or snowboard this season, Mammoth Mountain should be on your short list of places to hit. The powder is epic. The people are super friendly. And you’ll have an amazing experience. When you go, you can drive the 5-6 hours from SoCal or take a 45-minute flight on JetSuiteX. The choice is yours.

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  1. Flew to Mammoth last year with the family for skiing via Alaska Air from San Diego. Well worth not driving for reasons you mentioned. Just checked JetSuiteX. They only fly to Mammoth out of Burbank. They serve other cities but none to Mammoth apparently. You are lucky!

    • Yeah, right now their flight options are limited.
      But, as they’ve gained popularity, they have expanded to Carlsbad, Santa Monica, and others. I live in OC, so Burbank isn’t the closest airport, but the experience is worth the small drive.


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