Fly JetSuiteX to Coachella

JetSuiteX Burbank almost time to board
Seriously... this is your TSA security line at JetSuiteX
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Let’s face it, driving in Southern California sucks.  Big time!  Rather than face the traffic and pay huge fees for parking, fly JetSuiteX to Coachella and spoil yourself.  This is not a normal JetSuiteX route, but they’re launching special flights for two weekends only to serve you.


JetSuiteX Private Jets – Affordable Luxury

JetSuiteX offers all of the amenities and privileges of flying a private jet, but the price is comparable to flying Economy on most airlines.  I’ve flown for $99 to the Bay Area, $99 to Mammoth, and $79 to Las Vegas.  Pretty sweet, right?

And with my JetSuiteX referral link, you can save $20 off any flight $129 or more.

jetsuitex to coachella
JetSuiteX in the Bay Area


JetSuiteX to Coachella

There aren’t many seats left, so if you want to fly private and avoid the traffic, book your seats right away on JetSuiteX to Coachella!  Tickets are as low as $199 each way.

Flights are available on Friday, April 14 with a return on Monday, April 17.  And the same flights are available the following weekend of Friday, April 21 with a return on Monday, April 24.

jetsuitex to coachella


The Bald Thoughts

Traffic sucks.  Flying in private jets is amazing.  And when flying is affordable, that’s even better.  Seats are limited because there is only one flight each day on this JetSuiteX seasonal route.  And these private jets hold a maximum of 30 passengers.  If you want the ultimate experience, consider flying JetSuiteX to Coachella.

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