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FinanceBuzz is holding their second annual meetup this October in Austin and you’re invited. It will be a weekend filled with fun, networking, and rewards talk. Plus, it’s Austin, so you know there will be amazing BBQ to eat! With my FBZ Elite Summit 2019 promo code, you can save 25% on your registration through July 31st.

What is the FBZ Elite Summit?

The FBZ Elite Summit is an annual conference hosted by the people from FinanceBuzz.com and the FBZ Elite Facebook group.

It is a one-day event where you’ll:

  • Learn how to use credit card points and loyalty points for free flights and hotel stays
  • Get proven advice on traveling solo, as a couple, or with family from some of the best and brightest in the award travel industry
  • Understand you can earn elite status on airlines and at hotels without actually flying or staying many nights
  • Make valuable connections in a fun, inclusive environment

Plus, you’ll eat some of the best BBQ in America!

Check out this video to see a glimpse of what happened last year in Las Vegas at the inaugural event.

Where is the FBZ Elite Summit in Austin?

The conference will be held at Vuka Collective’s Monroe Venue. The address is 411 W. Monroe St., Austin, TX 78704.

Unlike other travel rewards conferences, it will not be held at a hotel. However, you know that most of us will be staying at the same hotels, so there will be plenty of opportunity to network over breakfast, dinner, and while hanging out in the lobby.

When is the summit?

The FBZ Elite Summit 2019 will be held the weekend of October 25, 2019. The scheduled event will be focused on Saturday, October 26, 2019. However, most people will be arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday.

I know that I plan on grabbing some of that delicious Franklin BBQ on Sunday before we leave. If I get impatient waiting in line, I may cheat and check out some of the other BBQ joints nearby. Or you can listen to my buddy Noah’s podcast episode where he shares how to eat Franklin BBQ without waiting in line.

How much does it cost to attend?

The FBZ Elite Summit 2019 price is $199 through July 31, 2019. Tickets are limited, so get yours today!

Keep in mind that the price increases by $100 to $299 on August 1st.

What’s included in my ticket price?

Aside from entrance to one of the best travel conferences of the year, you’ll receive plenty of other goodies with your registration:

  • A delicious lunch will be served on Saturday.
  • Drinks (water, soda, coffee) will be available throughout the day.
  • A complimentary Happy Hour networking session from 5 pm – 7 pm. Adult beverages will be served at the bar.
  • Discounted stays at some of the best hotels in Austin using the FBZ group rates.

FBZ Elite Summit 2019 promo code

I love saving money and one of the best ways to do so is using promo codes. When you register for the summit and use my promo code “LEELOVESCREDIT” you’ll save $50 off your registration fee! That’s a 25% savings!!!

Think of all the BBQ and beer you can buy with that $50.

Who will be speaking at this event?

There will be several speakers on Saturday for you to enjoy. The emcee and keynote speaker for the event will be Brandon Neth, whose name you probably recognize in you’ve in the FBZ Elite Facebook group. Brandon was also my podcast guest when we talked about three cities in Poland.

I will also be speaking at the FBZ Elite Summit. My wife, Anna, will be attending with me but the kiddos are staying home with grandma so we can enjoy all of the shenanigans without the normal parenting worries.

Other speakers include:

Where should you stay in Austin?

Austin is filled with great hotels where you can book rooms using your hotel points. From my experience, the cash rates can be pretty high, which is even more reason to use your points vs. cash.

That being said, FBZ has secured some pretty great cash rates for a couple of Austin hotels:

These are substantial discounts to normal cash rates. For example, the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt was over $500 a night when I compared using my corporate discount.

If you’re looking for other cash options in Austin, check out the best deals from TripAdvisor. Or you can try out AirBnB with a $40 discount using my referral link.

How can you attend for free?

Of course, we all know to use airline miles to get there and hotel points to stay in Austin. However, how do you offset the cost of the conference?

The best options are to get cashback sign-up bonus offers from your credit cards that will cover the cost of the conference:

  • Capital One Savor – $300 bonus
  • American Express Cash Magnet – $150 bonus
  • Chase Freedom – $150 bonus

These offers were valid as of today. To compare the latest offers, go to our credit card marketplace to see which card is right for you.

Things to do in Austin

If you’re going to arrive early or stay a couple of days afterward and are looking for things to do in Austin, I recorded interviews with Noah Kagan and Lillian Martin about the city for my podcast. Each episode is about 30 minutes and they offer plenty of tips for the best places to eat and drink in town.

The Bald Thoughts

I hope to see you this October in Austin for the FBZ Elite Summit 2019. It will be a lot of fun while we take over the town in style. As a Kimpton guy, I’ll be staying at the Hotel Van Zandt, so make sure you stop by for the evening Wine Hour at 5 pm on Friday! And don’t forget to use my FBZ Elite Summit 2019 promo code “LEELOVESCREDIT” to save 25% on your registration fees.

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