Daily Life of a Flight Attendant, United Combats Status Match Fraud, Drunk Woman Gets Naked & Starts Brawl on Flight

China Airlines Crew ONT to TPE
Unfortunately, that other airline isn't as inclusive as this China Airlines shows here.
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The Morning Shave

United Shares Member Info With Other Airlines to Combat Status Match Fraud. – Having your status matched from one airline to another can offer some substantial perks and upgrades. However, some people lie about their status, even going so far as to manufacture documents to make it look like they are a top-tier loyalist. It’s not surprising that airlines would establish ways to verify this opportunity.

‘You need to have eyes in the back of your head’ – a day in the life of a flight attendant. – People who love to travel are often jealous of the amazing destinations that flight attendants get to travel to. But what is the day in the life of the flight attendant really like? This article and video give us a little glimpse into their daily routine.

Eat Your Way Through These 10 Tasty Food Trails. – Ok, I’m going to need to check out a few of these trails. Pizza, donuts, and margaritas? Sign me up!

All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels End Resort Credits. – So many resorts have gimmicks to try to get you to book at their properties. I wonder why Hard Rock is changing their marketing? I can imagine that guests complained about paying one price for an “all-inclusive” stay, then realizing that everything wasn’t actually included in the price.

Woman Allegedly Gave Lap Dances, Flashed Other Passengers Before Starting a Flight-wide Brawl. – Wow, what a nightmare. It’s all fun and games until the drunk person crosses a line and a fight erupts. Where’s the police officer that dragged that dude off United when you need him?

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