Credit Card Statement Credits, Blame Florida for Airplane Problems, Losing Globalist Status

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The Morning Shave

How long does it take to receive statement credits from Amex, Capital One and Chase? – Many premium travel credit cards include travel credits that reimburse cardholders for travel expenses, airline fees, hotel charges, and more. One big question that people have is how long does it take for the credits to appear on your statement after qualifying purchases?

How to Travel With Just a Carry-On. – With airlines losing more bags than ever, there’s no better time than now to join #TeamCarryOn. As much as I love airline credit cards that offer free checked bags, it’s just not worth it right now. But, if you must check a bag, be sure to book your flight with a credit card that offers lost/delayed/damaged luggage protections. That way, you’ll be reimbursed for reasonable expenses to buy new clothes, toiletries, etc.

Umm, where’s my bag?

I’m about to lose Globalist status: This is why my future travel plans include Small Luxury Hotels. – So far, I only have 18 night credits toward the 60 nights required to earn Globalist status for 2023. I need to get cracking to be able to maintain status, but it is going to be tough unless I can find a promotion that offers extra night credits on every stay. How is your progress going?

Why Is Airline Travel So Miserable? Blame Florida. – Florida gets a bad rap for many reasons, and it appears that we need to add one more to the list. With the state being long and skinny, it’s easy to understand how its many restricted airspace segments can affect flight paths. And with airlines operating with such limited capacity, these problems create a ripple effect that impacts airports across the U.S.

Don’t Expect Full Business Travel Recovery Now Until 2026. – Businesses and workers have adjusted to virtual meetings as the norm vs an exception since COVID arrived. While in-person meetings are generally more productive, the savings of time and money by having virtual meetings is hard to beat. I believe that in-person meetings will still happen, but they’ll be less frequent.

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